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CSRD Update: 11 February 2017

Happy new year!

Here's your irregular newsletter on what's new with the server. Some of it was previously outlined in the changelog history on the main page, so if you think you saw it mentioned before, you probably have.

Client feature additions

  • The Chat Control plugin now prevents players from using their say …

CSRD Update: 21 December 2016

Happy holidays! This update brings in some new goodies for the gameplay experience. Enjoy!

Brand new features:

  • Custom achievements! This update brings in 8 server-exclusive achievements for a number of categories. See the achievements page for more details.
    • At some point I'll get it set up for a per-account view …

CSRD Update: 2 November 2016

Late Halloween! It's November. Scream Fortress is still going though, so the Halloween content will remain for a bit. It's been up for a while; just never got around to making an announcement post until now.

Halloween season automatically started the third Thursday of October and will run for three …

CSRD Update: 25 September 2016

So much to do, so much to see. I'll be spending some time doing some server-related fixes, but it may be slow going. My cats won't feed themselves.

Backend features:

  • Added my Plugin Mangler. Makes hacking on bleeding-edge plugins slightly faster, as I can do stuff in bulk and not …

CSRD Update: 10 August 2016

Another day, another update. Been busy, so here's a rundown of the latest:

New and improved client features:

  • Added "Public Command Handlers". For those people that keep trying to use !robot on the server. Also handles a few other well-known commands people like to bind. Feel free to try them …

CSRD Update: 20 July 2016

Meat vs. Match has been out for almost a few weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it helps community servers at all. Actually makes it worse, since now us Quickplay-eligible community server owners are lumped in with custom game modes, Orange maps, and instant respawn servers, among others.

Oh well …

On the Topic of Backups

Backups are pretty important, but I'm sure that's common sense.

On the previous setup, I was using duplicity as my backup solution, leveraging's free 50GB of storage for data.

It worked pretty well for the time being. And then things broke.

Duplicity supports a large number of …

CSRD Update: 29 June 2016

Hey there! Today's update marks the (almost) completion of our move. The detailed changeset is after the break.

CSRD Update: 16 May 2016

It's been a while! Here's the (mostly) fun stuff that's been worked on since the last changelog.

In map related news:

  • Sulfur has an updated navigation mesh! Bots are kind of aware of the main point as it changes.
    • They also manage to get out from under the first point …

CSRD Update: 27 March 2016

More updates! Small changelog in comparison to that first one, but I've been pretty lazy ...