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CSRD Update: 7 September 2018

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It's September! One month after finally finishing this monstrosity of a solo project and doing some party prep, it is finally time for me to get back on track with job stuff.

So we're still in maintenance mode.

The solo project also led me to crack open IDA and learn how to do some very basic disassembly, which helped me understand how sigsegv does his reverse engineering work. Been doing some learning on how TFBots work internally as a result.

Client functionality improvements

  • Wrote a plugin that fixes common cases of dying while being unminified due to certain Halloween events. Stay safe this Halloween!

Bot tweaks

  • Fixed various particle display issues in the Robot Bots plugin (the bolt particles on damage and explosions on death).
  • Minor changes to the bot extension:
    • Fixed a bug where RED bots would attempt to push the Payload on standard maps instead of the normal behavior of defending it. The extension checked the team_train_watcher entity to determine the team it was assigned to, but no team number is specified on normal Payload maps (only on Payload Race). Additional checks were added to verify that the team can capture any available capture zones. Unfortunately, we do have to access memory directly, as those values are not exposed in some other way.
    • I have a number of gamemode improvements in the works for TFBots, but they're not quite ready yet. Stay tuned!

Post-Round Music changes

Map changes

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Updated SourceMod to the finally-stable 1.9 version.
  • After two separate incidents of bots getting stuck on Payload maps occuring within one day (seriously, what the hell happened here‽) some additional mitigation attempts have been added to the overtime checks. The map is now forcefully changed when:
    • An overtime round runs for more than 10 minutes. This shouldn't happen in normal play.
    • A bot scores more than 256 points in a map. Given the current time restrictions, this should also never happen normally.
(Up you go!)