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CSRD Update: 20 December 2017

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Picture of a Robot Scout doing the high-five taunt.

Happy Honda Days! Merry Kritzmas? Whatever it is you celebrate, I want in. And I hope you're enjoying your winter season, whether you're on break or busy.

It's been a slow few months, mostly because I'm slow. And because Jungle Inferno has basically done nothing for community servers.

But regardless, I'm still committed to bringing new and unique content to the server, so here you go:


  • Added some new map-specific achievements:
    • The Hype Train Has No Brakes: As BLU, win a round of Snowplow (A/D) where the RED traps have been triggered six or fewer times (i.e., can only by triggered once per control point on average).
    • Welcome to the Khil Zone: Get 10 lava kill assists on players on LOLcano (KOTH).
    • Beer Me Up, Scotty: Beam 3211.7 321 bottles of beer up to the mothership on Watergate (Player Destruction).
  • Added a few new general achievements:
    • Sugar High: Jump a total of 1 mile using the Soda Popper's hype airjumps.
    • The Shortstop's Position: Get an environmental kill using the Shortstop's alt-fire shove attack.
  • General improvements to the achievement backend, including automatic localization placeholders.
  • Any good ideas for achievements? Discuss 'em here.

Robot improvements

  • Changes to the Robot Bots plugin (the thing that makes robots use MvM models):
    • Fixed robots wearing human skins at the start of new rounds (until death). Hopefully for the last time!
      • The latest check was to force updating the robot state to use custom models (even if it was the last known state, as the End-Round Prop Hunt plugin was switching it back to using human models at the start of the round).
    • Reduced the number of animation fallback checks required, thanks to Pelipoika.
    • Bots don't have time to bleed.
      • Replaced blood spray with robot parts, and removed blood splatter decal effects from robots entirely. Humans still bleed.
      • Scientists are struggling to explain why the Blutsauger still works on these robots.
  • Changes to the Bot Loadout Randomizer:

Client feature tweaks

  • Applied the following improvements to the Jungle Inferno Equipment Granter:
    • The plugin now saves weapon preferences.
    • Mostly proper recharge behavior of the Gas Passer has been implemented (starts with no charge, persists when touching the resupply cabinet).
    • Minor optimizations in menu generation (it's only generated once and cached for future use).

Map tweaks

  • As previously mentioned, the winter rotation is currently active and will be active until 10 January 2018. Holy crap, 2017 went by quickly.
  • Hightower (Payload Race) is now bound to a CTF-style timer, and will end as soon as the map time runs out. There's lots of other maps to enjoy.
  • No decent holiday maps this year, sadly. Not yet, anyways.

Digging up old content

  • Added old chatlogs from when the server was in its infancy, including the first tests of the chat logging functionality.

Data dump changes

  • Added a special "current" directory that shows the most recent dumps of server content.
  • This is also compressed before being put on the wire.
  • Added dumps for particle effect names.

Behind-the-scenes stuff

  • Updated Gogs. It's been a while — the previously installed version was before the community split off to create Gitea.
    • Did some additional locking down of the Gogs instance by disabling the non-repository views, among other access changes.
  • Finally gave the server a reboot and discovered an incapacitating change. All is well now.
(Up you go!)