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Why TF2 painted Kemptown BLU

Navigation mesh decoration display of koth_kemptown's RED spawn.

I find it hard to believe that it'd ever happen, but after a year and a half in limbo, Kemptown (KOTH) finally has bot support! Normally I'd just sneak this into the next round of patch notes, but it's a bit long for bullet point format.

For the longest time …

Isolated User Installs in Python

I don't really like virtualenv. In theory it's a great tool to isolate Python environments, but in practice I've never used it because of the context switching involved. Keeping track and activating and deactivating environments takes effort, and I'm extremely lazy.

direnv is a useful shell utility that automatically swaps …

On the Topic of Backups

Backups are pretty important, but I'm sure that's common sense.

On the previous setup, I was using duplicity as my backup solution, leveraging's free 50GB of storage for data.

It worked pretty well for the time being. And then things broke.

Duplicity supports a large number of …