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CSRD Update: 28 October 2017

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Unofficially dubbed The Pumpkin "Patch".

Valve has pushed out the Jungle Inferno update, as well as a smaller Scream Fortress update. No new official Halloween content, outside of the new contracts.

As a special exception, this year's Halloween event rotation will also include the new Jungle-themed maps, in addition to the usual mix of standard and custom Halloween maps. Enjoy the update!

The server's Halloween event will run from the start of October 19 until the end of November 8; times in UTC. Afterwards, the server will go back to the standard rotation.

Anyways, here's the things that are new to the server:

Client changes

  • Added a new loadout override system to use the Jungle Inferno update weapons. Type /loadout to open up a menu where you can toggle equipping any of the new weapons.
    • At the moment, these weapons should persist until you disconnect.

Map changes and navigation mesh fixes

Bug fixes and general enhancements

  • Applied a server-sided fix to a long-standing TF2 bug where the camera's roll angle wasn't reset after spectating from a fixed observer point entity. This bug affects a small number of custom maps.

Site changes

  • Fixed the "Client Features" page to use proper strikethroughs and slightly improved table formatting.
  • Added a message to the MOTD for currently active events. Much better at explaining why the server is on a different rotation.
  • Added gzip compression support to large server dump diffs. This should reduce the bandwidth requirements on updates by a significant amount.
(Up you go!)