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CSRD Update: 29 May 2018

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Hello! It's been a couple of months since the last update log.

I haven't made any major changes to the server, partly because there's only so much to work on here (barring new client features), but also because I'm currently working on a large commissioned plugin project. And, of course, other life stuff.

And so the server's currently in a pseudo maintenance mode. I have no plans to shut the server down any time soon, but other than fixing bugs and checking in on the Steam Workshop (and of course joining in for a few games), there won't be that much happening to the server for the time being.

Bot changes

  • Improvements in the bot extension:
    • Instead of going straight for the briefcase on CTF maps, bots will look for enemies to kill beforehand. They'll eventually revert to going for the briefcase due to the ScenarioMonitor reminding them that a flag exists, but it should make the bots a little more interesting.
      • This is something that is likely impossible to do without an extension.
    • Improved neutral payload gamemode support (mainly applicable to Effigy). Bots on both teams will now attempt to push the cart, instead of delegating RED team to defense only. This is effectively the same logic used in Payload Race; all this does is also check for the existence of neutral payload carts.
  • Correctly implemented changing the map when Cactus Canyon runs for too long. The previous iteration of the overtime checker did not count track pass events correctly.

Map additions

Other client feature changes

  • Updated the Haunted Pumpkin Bombs plugin to the latest version. Missed a few bugfix commits.
  • More tweaks to the map runner's human counting logic. It's surprisingly difficult to get the number of human players joining in a map, accounting for players that are still connecting.

Post-Round Music changes

  • In preparation of future changes to Chrome's (and by extension, the Steam embedded browser's) autoplaying policies, the current streaming setup has been converted to the Web Audio API, as that is currently an exception to the policy.
    • Considering it is also likely to be disallowed in the future, I will have to look for alternative methods to transmit music later on.

General system changes

  • Cranked down the local SourceTV retention time to two weeks. The retention time is rather high for something that arguably gets very little use.
    • This frees up space for the server to run more maps, and also allows room for any other updates.
  • Tweaked some access restrictions on Gogs.
(Up you go!)