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CSRD Update: 20 June 2017

Time for another update summary!

I've been in a coding slump over the past couple of months; this update is more focused on maps.

Map changes and tweaks

  • Various improvements on bot support for Cliff Top (Payload):
    • RED players won't get stuck in their last spawn after second cap.
    • BLU …

CSRD Update: 18 April 2017

Update summary! Spring break's over and I barely did anything significant to the server.

Map changes

  • Switched Various Artists (KOTH) out to use the current non-Workshop release (RC4). Unfortunately, the Workshop version doesn't do audio playback for whatever reason, so we were missing out on a lot of the AESTHIC …

CSRD Update: 28 March 2017

Hello! After last month's major update, I figured I'd take it easy and spend this month refining the new additions.

CSRD Update: 28 February 2017

As if I was busy doing other things, like college.

Here's a new update with one plugin developed over a couple of weeks, and another that took just over a couple of hours. And some other plugins with updates are here, too.

Spoilers: I mentioned the big things in the …

CSRD Update: 11 February 2017

Happy new year!

Here's your irregular newsletter on what's new with the server. Some of it was previously outlined in the changelog history on the main page, so if you think you saw it mentioned before, you probably have.

Client feature additions

  • The Chat Control plugin now prevents players from using their say …

CSRD Update: 25 September 2016

So much to do, so much to see. I'll be spending some time doing some server-related fixes, but it may be slow going. My cats won't feed themselves.

Backend features:

  • Added my Plugin Mangler. Makes hacking on bleeding-edge plugins slightly faster, as I can do stuff in bulk and not …

CSRD Update: 10 August 2016

Another day, another update. Been busy, so here's a rundown of the latest:

New and improved client features:

  • Added "Public Command Handlers". For those people that keep trying to use !robot on the server. Also handles a few other well-known commands people like to bind. Feel free to try them …

CSRD Update: 20 July 2016

Meat vs. Match has been out for almost a few weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it helps community servers at all. Actually makes it worse, since now us Quickplay-eligible community server owners are lumped in with custom game modes, Orange maps, and instant respawn servers, among others.

Oh well …

CSRD Update: 29 June 2016

Hey there! Today's update marks the (almost) completion of our move. The detailed changeset is after the break.

CSRD Update: 16 May 2016

It's been a while! Here's the (mostly) fun stuff that's been worked on since the last changelog.

In map related news:

  • Sulfur has an updated navigation mesh! Bots are kind of aware of the main point as it changes.
    • They also manage to get out from under the first point …