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CSRD Update: 21 December 2016

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Happy holidays! This update brings in some new goodies for the gameplay experience. Enjoy!

Brand new features:

  • Custom achievements! This update brings in 8 server-exclusive achievements for a number of categories. See the achievements page for more details.
    • At some point I'll get it set up for a per-account view with custom achievement icons.
  • Robots now have antennae hats. Why antennae? Bots don't really play nicely with most cosmetics, because they don't have all the attachment points human models have, and their bodygroups can't exactly be hidden.

Client functionality changes and additions:

  • The server has been opted into using the CELT codec beta, and the volunteer system from today's TF2 update has been added.
  • A custom chat control plugin was added.
    • It tempbans players submitting chat messages that aren't possible on a legitimate client. (Just newlines. Everything else is fine.)
    • New bind spam filtering feature: Filter out low-effort messages from other players! They'll never even know. The "Chat Bind Filter" setting from the /settings menu controls this option.
      • Maybe I should make it so opting into the bind spam filter also keeps players from using their binds completely. Seems fair, right?
  • The chat logging plugin now makes a distinction between normal player disconnects, kicks, and bans.

Bot support fixes and stability improvments:

  • The "Be the Robot" and "Bots are Robots" plugins have been replaced with my standalone "Robot Bots", which provides the absolute minimum to only support bot players (so there isn't anything new except it's basically impossible for even admins to turn into robots, too).
    • This should fix instances where bots would not be properly respawned as props during the end-round prop hunt. (Be the Robot applied the robot skins with a delay, which overrode the prop model on respawn.)
  • Fixed BLU bots getting stuck in their last forward spawn on Rust due to missing navigation areas.
  • Fixed bots attempting to pass through enemy spawn on 1fort due to not flagging the spawn doors as blocking one-ways.
  • Fixed RED bots failing to leave their first spawn on Badlands (mirrored) at the start of every round due to the navigation area extending past the spawn door.

Seasonal backend changes:

  • Full Moon events now last one entire day (the 12 hours before and after the peak), instead of just 90 minutes.
    • For those unaware, during full moons, the server acts as if it was Halloween, including maps and other related functionality.
  • Finally removed chat printing messages from the Wheel of Fate Hooks plugin. I'm sure that was pretty annoying.

Behind-the-scenes tweaks:

  • A custom build of Simple Chat Processor has been installed.
    • The good news: Messages are localized client-side. It also fixes the multiple single- recipient SayText2 user messages, by collecting all of those separate messages and spitting out one with all valid recipients. It means I don't need to use my custom AllChat implementation anymore, which hacks up a fix, and it also fixes duplicate messages in chat logging.
    • The bad news: It doesn't support Simple Chat Colors, so the old custom player tags have been removed. Not like anybody really cared about those anyways, right?
  • An external watchdog process has been added in the event that the server hangs and the built-in watchdog process can't restart itself. (Translation: In case I'm an idiot and left screen in copy mode, forcing the server process to hang once the buffer is filled.)
  • Downloaded more RAM after I noticed that Abandoned Upward killed the server due to memory use.
  • Minor update for Pub Commands to accommodate the removal of Be the Robot (the new plugin doesn't register sm_robot and related commands).
  • Replaced my single use ConVar clamping plugin with one with much more flexible control: ConVar Configs.
  • Added subdirectories to the plugin folder; they're now sorted by category. You'll never see them, but they are.
(Up you go!)