Server Achievements

Looking for an incentive to play on the server? Unlocked all the achievements Valve threw at you?

I wrote up a new achievement plugin from scratch, providing 8 new achievements (and counting) for you to unlock! Or for you to try and absolutely cheese.

There are no rewards for completing any number of these achievements. Just like back in the old days.

At some point I'll set up a page to show which ones you've unlocked so far, neatly categorized and with the proper Steam achievement layout. The backend stuff is mostly there. But for now, enjoy this list:

General Achievements

  • Getting a Byte out of Bots: Kill 255 bots.
  • No Signs of Bot Shortage: Kill 65535 bots. (Why you'd intentionally go for this, I don't know.)
  • Ohhh Baby, A Triple!: As a Sniper, kill 3 enemies in a single shot. Machina or Shooting Star highly recommended.
  • Blue Scream of Death: Kill an Engineer with their own Sentry Gun.
  • Finders Keepers: Kill an enemy with one of their own weapons.

Map-specific Achievements

  • A Sulfuric Shutout: Defend Sulfur without losing any control points.
  • Fast Cash: Push the payload cart to the end of Cashworks within 7 minutes.
  • Alien Medicine: Kill 30 enemies while under the buffs received from escaping the UFO on Probed.