Server Rules

Here's a list of "common decency" rules that I recommend following when playing on the server.

  1. Be nice. No, this doesn't mean tolerating friendly heavies. No, this doesn't mean you can't mess with people by taunting after every kill. Win or lose, be a good sport.
  2. Be respectful. Playful banter and taunting in good fun is okay, as long as you avoid pushing it too far.
  3. Have good judgement when it comes to abusing game mechanics. If it severely hampers the enjoyability of the game for other people (e.g., aggressive spawn camping, teletraps, building unreachable sentries), don't do it. We just want to play video games.
  4. Regarding sprays and tolerance. We're on the internet. We've seen all sorts of shit. As long as user generated content isn't breaking any laws nor violating the rules above, they should be okay.

While I'd hope these rules are followed while playing, the reality is that often, it's not that often that moderators will be available to enforce these rules.

As the ability to call kick votes is enabled, players have the ability to self-police much like Quickplay or other public servers, with the exception being they cannot kick users with a higher level of immunity (that is, admins).