Many people know that running a server costs actual money. Servers don't magically grow on tries (sic).

As a result, many people that run servers try to soften their out-of-pocket expenses by doing stuff like running advertisements, or providing in-game bonuses for donators, game-breaking or not.

As a player, I'm not all too fond of that, but as a server owner, I understand.

This is a hobby for me. A very fun one, but a hobby nonetheless. Even though the server's often empty, the occasional visitor that stumbles in and plays with the bots for a few minutes makes me feel like I'm kinda sorta doing something for the TF2 community.

At the current rate that I'm paying for this server, budget's no issue. There's no sense of urgency to throw money at me, and I'll keep the lights on as long as people care about stopping by.

But, if you want to donate. If, for some reason, you appreciate what I'm doing and want to throw money at me, I accept:

  • the magic internet money known as bitcoin
  • Steam economy items


What do donors get?

I've been floating around a few simple ideas about things that could be done, like:

  • Being able to add a name to the bot name rotation.
  • Setting up a page for the list of donors.

Game-based incentives, whether gamebreaking or not, goes against my idea of running a "vanilla-plus" server and giving all players equal option availability. Nobody should donate just because of some fancy reward they can show off.

Besides my gratitude, there really isn't any official reward.