Client Options

Yeah, you'd better RTFM.

Command arguments in angle brackets are required. Arguments in square brackets are optional.

Command Description
sm_bacon <user> Gives bacon to a currently online player of choice.
sm_nominate <map> Nominates a map to be run in the next vote. You can also use the game's vote calling menu to nominate a map instead.
sm_songlist Opens a panel displaying possible songs that will be played during the humiliation round for this map. Selecting a song previews it.
sm_downloads Opens a panel to enable / disable categories of files to download. (See downloads section below.)
sm_songvolume [float:volume] See the Round End Song Volume preference. Sets the volume, clamped to [0.0, 1.0]. If unspecified, opens a menu with predefined volume settings. This setting remains persistent between connects.
sm_achievements Displays the unique server achievements and your current progress on them.

Preferences. For those that like tinkering.

Ever felt like there could be just a few more tweaks to your Team Fortress 2 experience? Though the server is centered around vanilla gameplay, a few unique opt-in user convenience tweaks are available.

Available preferences are listed as follows, accessible by typing /settings in chat.

Preference Name Description (Default)
Round End Song Volume Allows setting the playback volume for music played at round end. Setting it to 0 disables downloads and notifications. (Muted and downloads disabled.)
Text Advertisements Toggle whether or not they see the occasional text snippet that begs them to like and subscribe for updates. We have a family to feed! (Enabled.)
Toggle Wearables Hats bogging you down? Feel free to disable them, if you really want to. Nobody has to know... (Of course, cosmetics are enabled by default.)
Drowning Overlay That blue tinge that reminds you that you're gasping for air is annoying. Especially on Rainy Badwater. Disable it to suffocate in peace! (Enabled.)
Intelligence Notifications An improvement on the existing CTF intel notifications that provides notifications on how much time is left to pick up the intel before it resets. Announcer sounds also included. (Disabled.)

Downloads. For the full Romance and Drama experience.

The server is unique with Download Preferences support. By default, the only things downloaded are maps. The rest is opt-in!

Toggle whatever settings for whatever downloads you'd like by typing /downloads in chat.

Download Category Description
Airshot Sounds Sounds that are played across the entire server whenever someone scores an airshot.
Spray Sound Replacement Because fart noises are the epitome of maturity, you can fart out your spray instead of using a spray can and being a total not-butt. (If you're too much of an adult for fart jokes, the default spray sound should play.)
Goomba Stomp Sounds There's a Goomba Stomp plugin floating around somewhere that might get used occasionally.
General Killsounds Bringing back the old killsounds! They play when players die from certain weapons, and are emitted from either the dying or attacking player. The file listing is available here.