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CSRD Update: 20 January 2023

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If you're reading this blagpost, then it means we are back up and running!

Internal changes

  • As previously announced in the Steam group, our previous host is no longer offering their budget lineup, and we've again moved to a new server. Welcome to San Jose, California, United States.
  • I've spent the downtime locking the server instance down even further, as well as clearing out some technical / logical debt that's gathered up.
  • The datadump process has been moved to its own instance of the server, reducing the amount of time that it takes for the primary gameplay instance to be usable.

Bot support changes

  • Removed the reference to Kanye West from the bot name pool.
  • Added a few more bot names to be discovered.


  • Added the following Workshop maps with bot support:
    • Crosstalk (Arena)
  • Brought the following Workshop maps up to date with bot support:
    • Emerge (Payload) (b3 → rc2)
    • Shelter (4CP) (b6 → rc3a)
    • Villa (5CP) (b17a → b19a)
    • Vigil (Payload) (rc7 → rc9)
  • Promoted the following maps to their Workshop releases:
    • Various Artists (KOTH)
      • This in particular was previously very broken due to lack of soundscape support, but has finally been resolved.
    • Cashworks (Payload)
  • Added the following official maps:
    • Coal Pit (A/D CP)
    • Frosty (CTF) (promoted from Workshop)
    • Frostwatch (A/D CP)
    • Frostcliff (Payload)
    • Rumford (Payload)

it's been 3000 years...

  • Finally migrated the Post Round Music system to use the game's voice streaming functionality.
    • This is courtesy of sm-ext-Voice. It's been around for as long as the webaudio system has been dead; I just never got around to hacking up the fix.
    • The server is using the vaudio_celt codec, since that's what a custom build of the extension supports.
    • Because it uses the voice system, per-client volume settings no longer apply — you can either have it completely muted, or at full blast (though full blast is defaulted to 10% with additional per-song adjustments).
      • You'll have to use /songvolume like before, as you can't mute bot players. 0% is the only value that will mute the music.
(Up you go!)