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CSRD Update: 06 May 2020

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Welcome to 2020.

As discussed in my previous blagpost I've been keeping myself busy (or at least trying to) with non-TF2 activities. That, of course, doesn't mean I've been out of the loop on things.

That source leak is exciting, as that makes even more complex bot improvements possible. Whether or not I actually get the time / motivation to continue working on it in the near future is a different matter, however…

For the month of May

  • Added custom spawn locations for the new Soldier statue.
    • There are *checks notes* 65 new locations to find them in, covering most of the non-Arena official maps and some custom ones.
    • The current list is available here.
    • More will be added over the next few days, hopefully.

Map updates

Apologies for being slow on the navigation mesh upkeep. An update within the next few days should bring bots back to some existing maps.

(Up you go!)