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CSRD Update: 26 July 2019

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Summer is pain. Have an overdue changelog.

Map additions

Bot changes

  • Updates to Robot Bots:
    • The robot on-hit effect has been modified to use the correct particle effects (bot_impact_light and bot_impact_heavy).
    • The hooks on hit / blood splatters have been rewritten to use DHooks to be more efficent and should correctly cover all cases, according to the diassembly. There should be no more bleeding on robots.

Misc. server changes

  • The server now reports the display name of Workshop maps in the server browser, without the workshop prefix and suffix.
    • Gotta set that up on SourceTV as well, though…
  • All plugins that use wearables (such as Bot Weapon Randomizer, for things like Demoman shields and Sniper backpacks) now use TF2Wearables instead of directly dealing with the TF2 Randomizer Wearable gamedata.
    • This means that equipment handling is now handled behind one native as opposed to individually implemented SDKCalls.
    • This also means I'll be personally maintaining a personal fork of TF2Wearables that is up-to-date with game changes.
  • All plugins that were dependent on TF2 Item DB (Bot Weapon Randomizer again, Bot Taunt Randomizer) now use TF2 Econ Data, which reads the game memory for all the item-related information.
    • This means I don't have to maintain a separate, external SQLite database nor parse the contents of items_game.txt. Everything stays in memory and is fast.
    • I wrote Econ Data, so I do have an obligation to maintain it as well.
  • Localization Server has been removed, and the plugins that used to use it now use either client-side Valve translations or a generated translation file.
    • There just isn't really much need to handle every single translation phrase at the moment. Maybe I'll make an extension for that someday.

Other server changes

  • We're on Debian 10 now! Had to fix up some stuff:

hold the fuck up

  • El Vvis (Player Destruction) was never added to the map rotation, even though I did a brief mention of it back in October. Sorry about that; it's been added.
    • Have to see if bot support fully works on it, though -- I vaguely remember an issue where they were stuck in the water. Debugging server-sided NextBots are a pain.
(Up you go!)