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CSRD Update: 25 December 2019

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Happy Christmas! Have some Eurobeat holiday music.

I've been slacking on doing server improvements. Pretend to be surprised. Heck, I haven't really played a proper round of TF2 in a long while. Probably on Valve for not doing anything major this year.

That said, I don't expect the server to shut down any time soon; I'll be doing my best to keep things in working condition.

As is the case with last year, the server's pretty much just running its scheduled events. At this time the server will be running winter maps until the 9th of January.

Season's Greetings, the 2nd

  • Opened up one whole plugin that was previously private:
    • Bot Taunt Randomizer: a plugin that hooks into taunt events and allows bots to use taunt items in place of their default taunt.
  • While I don't have any more internal plugins to publish, I've done a lot of programming work for Karma Charger and other custom weapon server operators in the past year. Check out the Custom Attribute Starter Pack for all the things!
  • I've also done some work creating a modification of RCBot2. Decent amount of cleanup and fixes. Those bots may be running on the server someday™…

Bot navigation and map maintenance

  • Updated Propaganda (5-CP) b11 → b18.
  • Updated Synthetic (KOTH) rc5 → rc6.
  • Updated Vigil (Payload) rc5 → rc6.
  • Updated Coal (Payload) rc9 → rc23
  • Updated Conifer (A/D CP) rc1 → rc2 (no geometry change?)
  • Added Snowfall (CTF) rc1

Missed Halloween. Where did the time go?

  • Added official Halloween maps. Congratulations to the map authors!
(Up you go!)