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CSRD Update: 25 December 2018

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Happy Honda Days! You know how it goes; very low maintenance effort.

The server is automatically running its winter season event, so it'll be running exclusively winter-themed maps until the 10th of January.

I'll see if I can add support for nominating maps from the standard rotation.

Season's greetings

  • Opened up a few plugins that were previously private:
    • Bot Manager, a forked version of Dr. McKay's Bot Manager with a number of adjustments. Deprecated in favor of a currently private plugin that hooks the existing manager and calls functions directly.
    • A SourceCBL client, an exercise in clean code. The service it relied on doesn't exist anymore.
    • Cross-Team Bot Swap, a plugin that lets you trade places with a bot on the other team instead of switching to Spectate and back.
    • Custom Achievements, a full-blown API for other plugins to declare and grant achievements in a centralized manner. Currently powers the server's own achievement system (though you'll have to DIY the achievement page and backend connectivity).
  • Not particularly secret sauce / major server features (can't just be giving everything away), but hopefully you enjoy it all the same.
  • All plugins come with absolutely no guarantee of support. I may update documentation and provide assistance at my discretion; I wrote this primarily for my own use. Thanks, and have fun!

Client functionality improvements

  • Wrote a fix for the game not loading soundscapes and sound overrides from Workshop maps. You can run it yourself here. Step it up, Valve.

Map changes

Behind the scenes work

  • Installed a dark mode for the server's git service. The theme is based on gogsBase16 with some color changes to certain UI and code decoration elements.
  • Wrestling with the WebAPI.
    • Finally got it into version control, so that's nice. Everything's neat and externally configurable; no more hardcoded entries in the scripts themselves (not that you would know, since it's still private).
    • Development may or may not be slightly quicker, since I can push changes that'll be automatically deployed to the server. Only took me four long hours of shenanigans, including:
      • Wondering why the service wasn't starting up and indicating it exited due to some failure of stopping the service. Took some time chasing down incorrect leads. The funny thing is I also had that issue setting up an init script on a Raspberry Pi a few days prior…
      • Somehow blowing up the space usage on the development API directory and running out of hard drive space. How many nested .git repos does it take to consume 3GB?
(Up you go!)