Game Content

Somehow missing a map? Want to download some of the extra optional stuff yourself? Check out our fast download server for all the game-related content you might be missing.

The Gameplay Archives

Been on the server and witnessed something interesting? Take a look at the local archive for chatlogs and recent SourceTV demos. Chatlogs are provided at the end of a map when a player has joined at any point; demos are provided almost immediately after recording (when the map ends or when all players disconnect).

To save space (especially since we're on a box that only holds 25GB), the following rules are in place for SourceTV demos:

  • Two weeks: Demos smaller than 512KB are removed.
  • Four weeks: Demos smaller than 1MB are removed.
  • Eight weeks: Demos smaller than 2MB are removed.
  • Twelve weeks: All demos, regardless of size, are removed.

For tidiness, chatlogs older than two months are packed into their own monthly archive for convenient browsing.

SourceTV demos are also mirrored to a public MEGA folder, currently without these expiration rules. Local SourceTV demos are transferred to the public folder weekly.

Server Plugins

Some of my custom-written server plugins and tools intended for general use are publicly available on my Github account page.

I also have a self-hosted git server containing a number of plugins developed specifically for the server.