List of Team Fortress 2 attributes:

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ID Name Description Value Type Class
1 damage penalty %s1% damage penalty value_is_percentage mult_dmg
2 damage bonus +%s1% damage bonus value_is_percentage mult_dmg
3 clip size penalty %s1% clip size value_is_percentage mult_clipsize
4 clip size bonus +%s1% clip size value_is_percentage mult_clipsize
5 fire rate penalty %s1% slower firing speed value_is_inverted_percentage mult_postfiredelay
6 fire rate bonus +%s1% faster firing speed value_is_inverted_percentage mult_postfiredelay
7 heal rate penalty %s1% heal rate value_is_percentage mult_medigun_healrate
8 heal rate bonus +%s1% heal rate value_is_percentage mult_medigun_healrate
9 ubercharge rate penalty %s1% ÜberCharge rate value_is_percentage mult_medigun_uberchargerate
10 ubercharge rate bonus +%s1% ÜberCharge rate value_is_percentage mult_medigun_uberchargerate
11 overheal bonus +%s1% max overheal value_is_percentage mult_medigun_overheal_amount
12 overheal decay penalty %s1% shorter overheal time value_is_inverted_percentage mult_medigun_overheal_decay
13 overheal decay bonus +%s1% longer overheal time value_is_inverted_percentage mult_medigun_overheal_decay
14 overheal decay disabled Overheal bonus doesn't decay value_is_percentage mult_medigun_overheal_decay
15 crit mod disabled No random critical hits value_is_percentage mult_crit_chance
16 heal on hit for rapidfire On Hit: Gain up to +%s1 health value_is_additive add_onhit_addhealth
17 add uber charge on hit On Hit: %s1% ÜberCharge added value_is_additive_percentage add_onhit_ubercharge
18 medigun charge is crit boost ÜberCharge grants 100% critical chance value_is_additive set_charge_type
19 tmp dmgbuff on hit On Hit: +%s1% damage bonus value_is_additive_percentage addperc_ondmgdone_tmpbuff
20 crit vs burning players 100% critical hit vs burning players value_is_or or_crit_vs_playercond
21 dmg penalty vs nonburning %s1% damage vs non-burning players value_is_percentage mult_dmg_vs_nonburning
22 no crit vs nonburning No critical hits vs non-burning players value_is_additive set_nocrit_vs_nonburning
23 mod flamethrower push No compression blast value_is_additive set_flamethrower_push_disabled
24 mod flamethrower back crit 100% critical hits from behind value_is_additive set_flamethrower_back_crit
25 hidden secondary max ammo penalty mult_maxammo_secondary
26 max health additive bonus +%s1 max health on wearer value_is_additive add_maxhealth
27 alt-fire disabled Attrib_AltFire_Disabled value_is_additive unimplemented_altfire_disabled
28 crit mod disabled hidden No random critical hits value_is_percentage mult_crit_chance
30 fists have radial buff On Kill: +50 health on nearby teammates On Kill: +10% Crit Chance on nearby teammates value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
31 critboost on kill On Kill: %s1 seconds of 100% critical chance value_is_additive add_onkill_critboost_time
32 slow enemy on hit On Hit: %s1% chance to slow target value_is_additive_percentage mult_onhit_enemyspeed
33 set cloak is feign death Cloak Type: Feign Death. Leave a fake corpse on taking damage and temporarily gain invisibility, speed and damage resistance. value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
34 mult cloak meter consume rate +%s1% cloak drain rate value_is_percentage mult_cloak_meter_consume_rate
35 mult cloak meter regen rate +%s1% cloak regen rate value_is_percentage mult_cloak_meter_regen_rate
36 spread penalty %s1% less accurate value_is_percentage mult_spread_scale
37 hidden primary max ammo bonus mult_maxammo_primary
38 mod bat launches balls Alt-Fire: Launches a ball that slows opponents value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
39 dmg penalty vs nonstunned %s1% damage vs non-stunned players value_is_percentage unimplemented_mod_dmg_vs_nonstunned
40 zoom speed mod disabled No move speed penalty from zoom value_is_additive unimplemented_mod_zoom_speed_disabled
41 sniper charge per sec +%s1% charge rate value_is_percentage mult_sniper_charge_per_sec
42 sniper no headshots No headshots value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
43 scattergun no reload single set_scattergun_no_reload_single
44 scattergun has knockback Knockback on the target and shooter value_is_additive set_scattergun_has_knockback
45 bullets per shot bonus +%s1% bullets per shot value_is_percentage mult_bullets_per_shot
46 sniper zoom penalty %s1% zoom reduction value_is_percentage mult_zoom_fov
47 sniper no charge No zoom or damage charge value_is_additive unimplemented_mod_sniper_no_charge
48 set cloak is movement based Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive. Alt-Fire: Turn invisible. Cannot attack while invisible. Bumping in to enemies will make you slightly visible to enemies. Cloak drain rate based on movement speed. value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
49 no double jump Disables double jump value_is_additive set_scout_doublejump_disabled
50 absorb damage while cloaked Absorbs %s1% damage while cloaked value_is_percentage unimplemented_absorb_dmg_while_cloaked
51 revolver use hit locations Crits on headshot value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
52 backstab shield Blocks a single backstab attempt value_is_additive set_blockbackstab_once
53 fire retardant Wearer cannot ignite value_is_additive set_fire_retardant
54 move speed penalty %s1% slower move speed on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_player_movespeed
55 obsolete ammo penalty obsolete
56 jarate description Coated enemies take mini-crits Can be used to extinguish fires value_is_percentage desc_jarate_description
57 health regen +%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer value_is_additive add_health_regen
58 self dmg push force increased +%s1% self damage force value_is_percentage mult_dmgself_push_force
59 self dmg push force decreased %s1% self damage force value_is_percentage mult_dmgself_push_force
60 dmg taken from fire reduced +%s1% fire damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_fire
61 dmg taken from fire increased %s1% fire damage vulnerability on wearer value_is_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_fire
62 dmg taken from crit reduced +%s1% critical hit damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_crit
63 dmg taken from crit increased %s1% critical hit damage vulnerability on wearer value_is_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_crit
64 dmg taken from blast reduced +%s1% explosive damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_explosions
65 dmg taken from blast increased %s1% explosive damage vulnerability on wearer value_is_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_explosions
66 dmg taken from bullets reduced +%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_bullets
67 dmg taken from bullets increased %s1% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer value_is_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_bullets
68 increase player capture value +%s1 capture rate on wearer value_is_additive add_player_capturevalue
69 health from healers reduced %s1% health from healers on wearer value_is_percentage mult_health_fromhealers
70 health from healers increased +%s1% health from healers on wearer value_is_percentage mult_health_fromhealers
71 weapon burn dmg increased +%s1% afterburn damage bonus value_is_percentage mult_wpn_burndmg
72 weapon burn dmg reduced %s1% afterburn damage penalty value_is_percentage mult_wpn_burndmg
73 weapon burn time increased +%s1% afterburn duration value_is_percentage mult_wpn_burntime
74 weapon burn time reduced %s1% afterburn duration value_is_percentage mult_wpn_burntime
75 aiming movespeed increased +%s1% faster move speed while deployed value_is_percentage mult_player_aiming_movespeed
76 maxammo primary increased +%s1% max primary ammo on wearer value_is_percentage mult_maxammo_primary
77 maxammo primary reduced %s1% max primary ammo on wearer value_is_percentage mult_maxammo_primary
78 maxammo secondary increased +%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer value_is_percentage mult_maxammo_secondary
79 maxammo secondary reduced %s1% max secondary ammo on wearer value_is_percentage mult_maxammo_secondary
80 maxammo metal increased +%s1% max metal on wearer value_is_percentage mult_maxammo_metal
81 maxammo metal reduced %s1% max metal on wearer value_is_percentage mult_maxammo_metal
82 cloak consume rate increased -%s1% cloak duration value_is_percentage mult_cloak_meter_consume_rate
83 cloak consume rate decreased +%s1% cloak duration value_is_inverted_percentage mult_cloak_meter_consume_rate
84 cloak regen rate increased +%s1% cloak regeneration rate value_is_percentage mult_cloak_meter_regen_rate
85 cloak regen rate decreased %s1% cloak regeneration rate value_is_percentage mult_cloak_meter_regen_rate
86 minigun spinup time increased %s1% slower spin up time value_is_percentage mult_minigun_spinup_time
87 minigun spinup time decreased %s1% faster spin up time value_is_inverted_percentage mult_minigun_spinup_time
88 max pipebombs increased +%s1 max pipebombs out value_is_additive add_max_pipebombs
89 max pipebombs decreased %s1 max pipebombs out value_is_additive add_max_pipebombs
90 SRifle Charge rate increased %s1% faster power charge value_is_percentage mult_sniper_charge_per_sec
91 SRifle Charge rate decreased %s1% slower power charge value_is_inverted_percentage mult_sniper_charge_per_sec
92 Construction rate increased Construction hit speed boost increased by %s1% value_is_percentage mult_construction_value
93 Construction rate decreased Construction hit speed boost decreased by %s1% value_is_inverted_percentage mult_construction_value
94 Repair rate increased %s1% faster repair rate value_is_percentage mult_repair_value
95 Repair rate decreased %s1% slower repair rate value_is_inverted_percentage mult_repair_value
96 Reload time increased %s1% slower reload time value_is_percentage mult_reload_time
97 Reload time decreased %s1% faster reload time value_is_inverted_percentage mult_reload_time
98 selfdmg on hit for rapidfire On Hit: %s1 health value_is_additive add_onhit_addhealth
99 Blast radius increased +%s1% explosion radius value_is_percentage mult_explosion_radius
100 Blast radius decreased %s1% explosion radius value_is_percentage mult_explosion_radius
101 Projectile range increased +%s1% projectile range value_is_percentage mult_projectile_range
102 Projectile range decreased %s1% projectile range value_is_percentage mult_projectile_range
103 Projectile speed increased +%s1% projectile speed value_is_percentage mult_projectile_speed
104 Projectile speed decreased %s1% projectile speed value_is_percentage mult_projectile_speed
105 overheal penalty %s1% max overheal value_is_inverted_percentage mult_medigun_overheal_amount
106 weapon spread bonus %s1% more accurate value_is_inverted_percentage mult_spread_scale
107 move speed bonus +%s1% faster move speed on wearer value_is_percentage mult_player_movespeed
108 health from packs increased +%s1% health from packs on wearer value_is_percentage mult_health_frompacks
109 health from packs decreased %s1% health from packs on wearer value_is_percentage mult_health_frompacks
110 heal on hit for slowfire On Hit: Gain up to +%s1 health value_is_additive add_onhit_addhealth
111 selfdmg on hit for slowfire On Hit: %s1 health value_is_additive add_onhit_addhealth
112 ammo regen +%s1% ammo regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer value_is_additive_percentage addperc_ammo_regen
113 metal regen +%s1 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer value_is_additive add_metal_regen
114 mod mini-crit airborne Mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions, grapple hooks or rocket packs value_is_additive mini_crit_airborne
115 mod shovel damage boost Damage increases as the user becomes injured value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
116 mod soldier buff type set_buff_type
117 dmg falloff increased Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Increased value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmg_falloff
118 dmg falloff decreased %s1% splash damage fall off value_is_percentage mult_dmg_falloff
119 sticky detonate mode Detonates stickybombs near the crosshair and directly under your feet value_is_additive set_detonate_mode
120 sticky arm time penalty %s1 sec slower bomb arm time value_is_additive sticky_arm_time
121 stickies detonate stickies Able to destroy enemy stickybombs value_is_additive stickies_detonate_stickies
122 mod demo buff type set_buff_type
123 speed boost when active %s1% speed boost while active weapon value_is_percentage mult_move_speed_when_active
124 mod wrench builds minisentry Replaces the Sentry with a Mini-Sentry value_is_additive wrench_builds_minisentry
125 max health additive penalty %s1 max health on wearer value_is_additive add_maxhealth
126 sticky arm time bonus %s1 sec faster bomb arm time value_is_additive sticky_arm_time
127 sticky air burst mode Launched bombs shatter on surfaces value_is_additive set_detonate_mode
128 provide on active When weapon is active: value_is_additive provide_on_active
129 health drain %s1 health drained per second on wearer value_is_additive add_health_regen
130 medic regen bonus +%s1% natural regen rate value_is_percentage medic_regen
131 medic regen penalty -%s1% natural regen rate value_is_percentage medic_regen
132 community description Given to valuable Community Contributors value_is_percentage desc_community_description
133 soldier model index Medal no. %s1 value_is_additive desc_soldiermedal_index
134 attach particle effect ★ Unusual Effect: %s1 value_is_particle_index set_attached_particle
135 rocket jump damage reduction %s1% blast damage from rocket jumps value_is_percentage rocket_jump_dmg_reduction
136 mod sentry killed revenge Gain 2 revenge crits for each sentry kill and 1 for each sentry assist when your sentry is destroyed value_is_additive sentry_killed_revenge
137 dmg bonus vs buildings +%s1% damage vs buildings value_is_percentage mult_dmg_vs_buildings
138 dmg penalty vs players %s1% damage vs players value_is_percentage mult_dmg_vs_players
139 lunchbox adds maxhealth bonus Adds +50 max health for 30 seconds value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
140 hidden maxhealth non buffed +%s1 max health on wearer value_is_additive add_maxhealth_nonbuffed
141 selfmade description I made this! value_is_percentage desc_selfmade_description
142 set item tint RGB Item tint color code: %s1 value_is_additive set_item_tint_rgb
143 custom employee number Hire Date: %s1 value_is_date set_employee_number
144 lunchbox adds minicrits Sets weapon mode #%s1 value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
145 taunt is highfive enable_misc2_highfive
146 damage applies to sappers Damage removes Sappers value_is_additive set_dmg_apply_to_sapper
147 Wrench index Wrench no. %s1 value_is_additive desc_wrench_index
148 building cost reduction %s1 metal reduction in building cost value_is_percentage building_cost_reduction
149 bleeding duration On Hit: Bleed for %s1 seconds value_is_additive bleeding_duration
150 turn to gold Imbued with an ancient power value_is_additive set_turn_to_gold
151 DEPRECATED socketed item definition id DEPRECATED Attrib_Socket value_is_additive socketed_item_definition_id
152 custom texture lo custom_texture_lo
153 cannot trade Not Tradable or Marketable value_is_additive cannot_trade
154 disguise on backstab Upon a successful backstab against a human target, you rapidly disguise as your victim value_is_additive set_disguise_on_backstab
155 cannot disguise Wearer cannot disguise value_is_additive set_cannot_disguise
156 silent killer Silent Killer: No attack noise from backstabs value_is_additive set_silent_killer
157 disguise speed penalty %s1 sec slower disguise speed value_is_additive disguise_speed_penalty
158 add cloak on kill +%s1% cloak on kill value_is_additive add_cloak_on_kill
159 SET BONUS: cloak blink time penalty %s1 sec longer cloak blink time value_is_additive cloak_blink_time_penalty
160 SET BONUS: quiet unstealth Reduced decloak sound volume value_is_additive set_quiet_unstealth
161 flame size penalty %s1% less flame spread area value_is_percentage mult_flame_size
162 flame size bonus +%s1% more flame spread area value_is_percentage mult_flame_size
163 flame life penalty %s1% less flame distance value_is_percentage mult_flame_life
164 flame life bonus +%s1% more flame distance value_is_percentage mult_flame_life
165 charged airblast Airblast can now be charged, which will push enemies further value_is_additive set_charged_airblast
166 add cloak on hit +%s1% cloak on hit value_is_additive add_cloak_on_hit
167 disguise damage reduction Attrib_DisguiseDamageReduction value_is_percentage disguise_damage_reduction
168 disguise no burn Immune to fire damage while disguised value_is_additive disguise_no_burn
169 SET BONUS: dmg from sentry reduced +%s1% sentry damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage dmg_from_sentry_reduced
170 airblast cost increased +%s1% airblast cost value_is_percentage mult_airblast_cost
171 airblast cost decreased %s1% airblast cost value_is_percentage mult_airblast_cost
172 purchased Purchased: Not Tradable, Marketable, or Usable in Crafting value_is_additive purchased
173 flame ammopersec increased +%s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second value_is_percentage mult_flame_ammopersec
174 flame ammopersec decreased %s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second value_is_percentage mult_flame_ammopersec
175 jarate duration On Scoped Hit: Apply Jarate for 2 to %s1 seconds based on charge level. Nature's Call: Scoped headshots always mini-crit and reduce the remaining cooldown of Jarate by 1 second. value_is_additive jarate_duration
176 SET BONUS: no death from headshots The wearer cannot be killed by headshots value_is_additive no_death_from_headshots
177 deploy time increased %s1% longer weapon switch value_is_percentage mult_deploy_time
178 deploy time decreased %s1% faster weapon switch value_is_inverted_percentage mult_deploy_time
179 minicrits become crits Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit value_is_additive minicrits_become_crits
180 heal on kill +%s1 health restored on kill value_is_additive heal_on_kill
181 no self blast dmg No self inflicted blast damage taken value_is_additive no_self_blast_dmg
182 slow enemy on hit major On Hit: Slow target movement by 40% for %s1s value_is_additive mult_onhit_enemyspeed_major
183 aiming movespeed decreased %s1% slower move speed while deployed value_is_percentage mult_player_aiming_movespeed
184 duel loser account id Attrib_DuelLoserAccountID value_is_account_id duel_loser_account_id
185 event date Date Received: %s1 value_is_date event_date
186 gifter account id Gift from: %s1 value_is_account_id gifter_account_id
187 set supply crate series Crate Series #%s1 value_is_additive supply_crate_series
188 preserve ubercharge On death up to %s1% of your stored ÜberCharge is retained value_is_additive preserve_ubercharge
189 elevate quality set_elevated_quality
190 active health regen +%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer value_is_additive active_item_health_regen
191 active health degen %s1 health drained per second on wearer value_is_additive active_item_health_regen
192 referenced item id low referenced_item_id_low
193 referenced item id high referenced_item_id_high
194 referenced item def UPDATED Contains: %s1 value_is_item_def referenced_item_def
195 always tradable Always Tradable value_is_additive always_tradable
196 noise maker Noise Maker value_is_additive enable_misc2_noisemaker
197 halloween item This is a special Halloween %s1 item value_is_additive halloween_item
198 collection bits DEPRECATED collection_bits_DEPRECATED
199 switch from wep deploy time decreased This weapon holsters %s1% faster value_is_inverted_percentage mult_switch_from_wep_deploy_time
200 enables aoe heal Alt-Fire: Applies a healing effect to all nearby teammates value_is_additive enables_aoe_heal
201 gesture speed increase +%s1% faster taunt speed on wearer value_is_percentage mult_gesture_time
202 charge time increased %s1 sec increase in charge duration value_is_additive mod_charge_time
203 drop health pack on kill On Kill: A small health pack is dropped value_is_additive drop_health_pack_on_kill
204 hit self on miss On Miss: Hit yourself. Idiot. value_is_additive hit_self_on_miss
205 dmg from ranged reduced %s1% damage from ranged sources while active value_is_percentage dmg_from_ranged
206 dmg from melee increased +%s1% damage from melee sources while active value_is_percentage dmg_from_melee
207 blast dmg to self increased +%s1% damage to self value_is_percentage blast_dmg_to_self
208 Set DamageType Ignite On Hit: target is engulfed in flames value_is_additive set_dmgtype_ignite
209 minicrit vs burning player 100% mini-crits vs burning players value_is_additive or_minicrit_vs_playercond_burning
211 tradable after date Tradable After: %s1 value_is_date tradable_after_date
212 force level display force_level_display
214 kill eater kill_eater
215 apply z velocity on damage apply_z_velocity_on_damage
216 apply look velocity on damage apply_look_velocity_on_damage
217 sanguisuge On Backstab: Absorbs the health from your victim value_is_additive sanguisuge
218 mark for death On Hit: One target at a time is Marked-For-Death, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits value_is_additive mark_for_death
219 decapitate type decapitate_type
220 restore health on kill Gain %s1% of base health on kill value_is_additive restore_health_on_kill
221 mult decloak rate Attrib_DecloakRate value_is_additive mult_decloak_rate
222 mult sniper charge after bodyshot On Scoped Bodyshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1% value_is_percentage mult_sniper_charge_after_bodyshot
223 mult sniper charge after miss On Scoped Miss: Rifle charge rate decreased by %s1% value_is_percentage mult_sniper_charge_after_miss
224 dmg bonus while half dead %s1% increase in damage when health <50% of max value_is_percentage mult_dmg_bonus_while_half_dead
225 dmg penalty while half alive %s1% decrease in damage when health >50% of max value_is_percentage mult_dmg_penalty_while_half_alive
226 honorbound Honorbound: Once drawn sheathing deals 50 damage to yourself unless it kills value_is_additive honorbound
227 custom texture hi custom_texture_hi
228 makers mark id Crafted by %s1 value_is_account_id makers_mark_id
229 unique craft index unique_craft_index
230 mod medic killed revenge When the medic healing you is killed you gain 2 revenge crits value_is_additive medic_killed_revenge
231 medigun charge is megaheal ÜberCharge increases healing to 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects value_is_additive set_charge_type
232 mod medic killed minicrit boost When the medic healing you is killed you gain mini-crit boost for %s1 seconds value_is_additive medic_killed_minicrit_boost
233 mod medic healed damage bonus While a medic is healing you, this weapon's damage is increased by %s1% value_is_percentage medic_healed_damage_bonus
234 mod medic healed deploy time penalty While not being healed by a medic, your weapon switch time is %s1% longer value_is_percentage mod_medic_healed_deploy_time
235 mod shovel speed boost Move speed increases as the user becomes injured value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
236 mod weapon blocks healing Blocks healing while in use value_is_additive weapon_blocks_healing
237 mult sniper charge after headshot On Scoped Headshot: Rifle charge rate increased by %s1% value_is_percentage mult_sniper_charge_after_headshot
238 minigun no spin sounds Silent Killer: No barrel spin sound value_is_additive minigun_no_spin_sounds
239 ubercharge rate bonus for healer +%s1% ÜberCharge rate for the medic healing you This effect does not work in the respawn room value_is_percentage mult_uberchargerate_for_healer
240 reload time decreased while healed %s1% faster reload time while being healed value_is_inverted_percentage mult_reload_time_while_healed
241 reload time increased hidden %s1% slower reload time value_is_percentage mult_reload_time_hidden
242 mod medic killed marked for death When the medic healing you is killed the killer becomes Marked-For-Death value_is_additive medic_killed_marked_for_death
243 mod rage on hit penalty %s1% rage lost on hit value_is_additive rage_on_hit
244 mod rage on hit bonus %s1% rage gained on hit value_is_additive rage_on_hit
245 mod rage damage boost Gains a damage bonus as rage increases, up to %s1% value_is_percentage rage_damage
246 mult charge turn control +%s1% increase in turning control while charging value_is_percentage charge_turn_control
247 no charge impact range Can deal charge impact damage at any range value_is_additive no_charge_impact_range
248 charge impact damage increased +%s1% increase in charge impact damage value_is_percentage charge_impact_damage
249 charge recharge rate increased +%s1% increase in charge recharge rate value_is_percentage charge_recharge_rate
250 air dash count Grants Triple Jump while deployed. Melee attacks mini-crit while airborne. value_is_additive air_dash_count
251 speed buff ally On Hit Teammate: Boosts both players' speed for several seconds value_is_additive speed_buff_ally
252 damage force reduction %s1% reduction in push force taken from damage value_is_percentage damage_force_reduction
253 mult cloak rate %s1 sec increase in time to cloak value_is_additive mult_cloak_rate
255 airblast pushback scale +%s1% airblast push force value_is_percentage airblast_pushback_scale
256 mult airblast refire time mult_airblast_refire_time
257 airblast vertical pushback scale airblast_vertical_pushback_scale
258 ammo becomes health Ammo collected from ammo boxes becomes health value_is_additive ammo_becomes_health
259 boots falling stomp Deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on value_is_additive boots_falling_stomp
260 deflection size multiplier Attrib_DeflectionSizeMultiplier value_is_additive deflection_size_multiplier
261 set item tint RGB 2 Item tint color code: %s1 value_is_additive set_item_tint_rgb_2
262 saxxy award category Winner: %s1 %s2 value_is_additive saxxy_award_category
263 melee bounds multiplier melee_bounds_multiplier
264 melee range multiplier melee_range_multiplier
265 mod mini-crit airborne deploy value_is_additive mini_crit_airborne_deploy
266 projectile penetration Projectiles penetrate enemy players value_is_additive projectile_penetration
267 mod crit while airborne Deals crits while the wielder is rocket jumping value_is_additive crit_while_airborne
268 mult sniper charge penalty DISPLAY ONLY Base charge rate decreased by %s1% value_is_percentage mult_sniper_charge_base_dummy
269 mod see enemy health Allows you to see enemy health value_is_additive see_enemy_health
270 powerup max charges Holds a maximum of %s1 charges value_is_additive powerup_max_charges
271 powerup charges Currently holds %s1 charges value_is_additive powerup_charges
272 powerup duration Each charge lasts %s1 seconds value_is_additive powerup_duration
273 critboost Consumable: Become Crit Boosted for 5 seconds (and double your sentry's firing speed) value_is_additive critboost
274 ubercharge Consumable: Become Übercharged for 5 seconds (and shield your sentry from damage) value_is_additive ubercharge
275 cancel falling damage Wearer never takes falling damage value_is_additive cancel_falling_damage
276 bidirectional teleport Teleporters can be used in both directions value_is_additive bidirectional_teleport
277 multiple sentries Attrib_MultipleSentries value_is_additive multiple_sentries
278 effect bar recharge rate increased +%s1% increase in recharge rate value_is_inverted_percentage effectbar_recharge_rate
279 maxammo grenades1 increased +%s1% max misc ammo on wearer value_is_percentage mult_maxammo_grenades1
280 override projectile type value_is_additive override_projectile_type
281 energy weapon no ammo Does not require ammo value_is_additive energy_weapon_no_ammo
282 energy weapon charged shot Alt-Fire: A charged shot that mini-crits players, sets them on fire and disables buildings for 4 sec value_is_additive energy_weapon_charged_shot
283 energy weapon penetration Projectile penetrates enemy targets value_is_additive energy_weapon_penetration
284 energy weapon no hurt building Deals only 20% damage to buildings value_is_additive energy_weapon_no_hurt_building
285 energy weapon no deflect Projectile cannot be deflected value_is_additive energy_weapon_no_deflect
286 engy building health bonus +%s1% max building health value_is_percentage mult_engy_building_health
287 engy sentry damage bonus +%s1% Sentry Gun damage bonus value_is_percentage mult_engy_sentry_damage
288 no crit boost Cannot be crit boosted value_is_additive no_crit_boost
289 centerfire projectile centerfire_projectile
292 kill eater score type kill_eater_score_type
293 kill eater score type 2 kill_eater_score_type_2
294 kill eater 2 kill_eater_2
295 has pipboy build interface set_custom_buildmenu
296 sapper kills collect crits Gives one guaranteed critical hit for each building destroyed with your sapper attached or backstab kill value_is_additive sapper_kills_collect_crits
297 sniper only fire zoomed Cannot fire unless zoomed value_is_additive sniper_only_fire_zoomed
298 mod ammo per shot Per Shot: -%s1 ammo value_is_additive mod_ammo_per_shot
299 add onhit addammo On Hit: damage dealt is returned as ammo value_is_additive add_onhit_addammo
300 electrical airblast DISPLAY ONLY Alt-Fire: Launches a projectile-consuming energy ball. Costs 65 metal. value_is_additive_percentage electrical_airblast_DISPLAY_ONLY
301 mod use metal ammo type Uses metal for ammo value_is_additive mod_use_metal_ammo_type
302 expiration date This item will expire on %s1. value_is_date expiration_date
303 mod max primary clip override mod_max_primary_clip_override
304 sniper full charge damage bonus On Full Charge: +%s1% damage per shot value_is_percentage sniper_full_charge_damage_bonus
305 sniper fires tracer Fires tracer rounds value_is_additive sniper_fires_tracer
306 sniper no headshot without full charge No headshots when not fully charged value_is_additive sniper_no_headshot_without_full_charge
307 mod no reload DISPLAY ONLY No reload necessary value_is_additive mod_no_reload_display_only
308 sniper penetrate players when charged On Full Charge: Projectiles penetrate players value_is_additive sniper_penetrate_players_when_charged
309 crit kill will gib Killing an enemy with a critical hit will dismember your victim. Painfully. value_is_additive crit_kill_will_gib
310 recall Consumable: Instantly teleport to spawn value_is_additive recall
311 unlimited quantity Unlimited use value_is_additive unlimited_quantity
312 disable weapon hiding for animations disable_weapon_hiding_for_animations
313 applies snare effect %s1% movement speed on targets value_is_percentage applies_snare_effect
314 uber duration bonus Über duration increased %s1 seconds value_is_additive add_uber_time
315 refill_ammo Consumable: Instantly refill all weapon clips and ammo value_is_additive refill_ammo
317 store sort override DEPRECATED store_sort_override_DEPRECATED
318 faster reload rate +%s1% faster reload time value_is_inverted_percentage fast_reload
319 increase buff duration +%s1% buff duration value_is_percentage mod_buff_duration
320 robo sapper Increased robot Sapper radius and duration value_is_additive robo_sapper
321 build rate bonus +%s1% faster build speed value_is_inverted_percentage mod_build_rate
322 taunt is press and hold enable_misc2_holdtaunt
323 attack projectiles Bullets destroy rockets and grenades in-flight. Increased accuracy and frequency per-level. value_is_additive attack_projectiles
324 accuracy scales damage Accuracy scales damage value_is_percentage accuracy_scales_damage
325 currency bonus +%s1% bonus currency from packs value_is_percentage currency_bonus
326 increased jump height +%s1% greater jump height when active value_is_percentage mod_jump_height
327 building instant upgrade Consumable: Instantly upgrade all buildings to max level value_is_additive building_instant_upgrade
328 disable fancy class select anim disable_fancy_class_select_anim
329 airblast vulnerability multiplier %s1% reduction in airblast vulnerability value_is_percentage airblast_vulnerability_multiplier
330 override footstep sound set override_footstep_sound_set
331 spawn with physics toy spawn_with_physics_toy
332 fish damage override fish_damage_override
333 SET BONUS: special dsp special_dsp
334 bombinomicon effect on death Explode spectacularly on death value_is_additive bombinomicon_effect_on_death
335 clip size bonus upgrade +%s1% clip size value_is_percentage mult_clipsize_upgrade
336 hide enemy health Unable to see enemy health value_is_additive hide_enemy_health
337 subtract victim medigun charge on hit On Hit: Victim loses up to %s1% Medigun charge value_is_additive subtract_victim_medigun_charge_onhit
338 subtract victim cloak on hit On Hit: Victim loses up to %s1% cloak value_is_additive subtract_victim_cloak_on_hit
339 reveal cloaked victim on hit On Hit Spy: Reveal cloaked Spy value_is_additive reveal_cloaked_victim_on_hit
340 reveal disguised victim on hit On Hit Spy: Reveal disguised Spy value_is_additive reveal_disguised_victim_on_hit
341 jarate backstabber When backstabbed: Jarate attacker value_is_additive jarate_backstabber
343 engy sentry fire rate increased +%s1% sentry firing speed value_is_inverted_percentage mult_sentry_firerate
344 engy sentry radius increased +%s1% sentry range value_is_percentage mult_sentry_range
345 engy dispenser radius increased +%s1% dispenser range value_is_percentage mult_dispenser_radius
346 mod bat launches ornaments Alt-Fire: Launches a festive ornament that shatters causing bleed value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
347 freeze backstab victim Backstab turns victim to ice value_is_additive freeze_backstab_victim
348 fire rate penalty HIDDEN mult_postfiredelay
349 energy weapon no drain energy_weapon_no_drain
350 ragdolls become ash ragdolls_become_ash
351 engy disposable sentries Build +%s1 additional disposable-sentry value_is_additive engy_disposable_sentries
352 alt fire teleport to spawn Press your reload key to choose to teleport to spawn or your exit teleporter value_is_additive alt_fire_teleport_to_spawn
353 cannot pick up buildings Cannot carry buildings value_is_additive cannot_pick_up_buildings
354 stun enemies wielding same weapon Stuns enemies who are also wielding this weapon value_is_additive stun_enemies_wielding_same_weapon
355 mod ammo per shot missed DISPLAY ONLY Per Shot Missed: -%s1 ammo value_is_additive mod_ammo_per_shot_missed_DISPLAY_ONLY
356 airblast disabled No airblast value_is_additive airblast_disabled
357 increase buff duration HIDDEN mod_buff_duration
358 crit forces victim to laugh Critical hit forces victim to laugh value_is_additive crit_forces_victim_to_laugh
359 melts in fire Melts in fire, regenerates in %s1 seconds and by picking up ammo value_is_additive melts_in_fire
360 damage all connected All players connected via Medigun beams are hit value_is_additive damage_all_connected
361 become fireproof on hit by fire On Hit by Fire: Fireproof for 1 second and Afterburn immunity for %s1 seconds value_is_additive become_fireproof_on_hit_by_fire
362 crit from behind Always critical hit from behind value_is_additive crit_from_behind
363 crit does no damage Critical hits do no damage value_is_additive crit_does_no_damage
364 add jingle to footsteps Jingle all the way value_is_additive add_jingle_to_footsteps
365 set icicle knife mode set_weapon_mode
366 mod stun waist high airborne On Hit: If enemy's belt is at or above eye level, stun them for %s1 seconds value_is_additive stun_waist_high_airborne
367 extinguish earns revenge crits Alt-Fire: Extinguish teammates to gain guaranteed critical hits value_is_additive extinguish_revenge
368 burn damage earns rage Build 'Mmmph' by dealing damage. Alt-Fire on full 'Mmmph': Taunt to gain crit for several seconds. Invulnerable while 'Mmmph' taunting. value_is_additive burn_damage_earns_rage
369 tickle enemies wielding same weapon On Hit: Force enemies to laugh who are also wearing this item value_is_additive tickle_enemies_wielding_same_weapon
370 attach particle effect static value_is_particle_index set_attached_particle_static
371 cosmetic taunt sound Attrib_TauntSoundSuccess value_is_additive cosmetic_taunt_sound
372 accepted wedding ring account id 1 A perpetual bond of commitment between %s1 value_is_account_id accepted_wedding_ring_account_id_1
373 accepted wedding ring account id 2 and %s1, forever and ever and ever. XoXoX value_is_account_id accepted_wedding_ring_account_id_2
374 tool escrow until date Usable After: %s1 value_is_date tool_escrow_until_date
375 generate rage on damage Generate Rage by dealing damage. When fully charged, press the Special-Attack key to activate knockback. value_is_additive generate_rage_on_dmg
376 aiming no flinch No flinching when aiming and fully charged value_is_additive aiming_no_flinch
377 aiming knockback resistance Knockback reduced by %s1% when aiming value_is_inverted_percentage mult_aiming_knockback_resistance
378 sniper aiming movespeed decreased %s1% slower move speed when aiming value_is_percentage mult_player_aiming_movespeed
379 kill eater user 1 kill_eater_user_1
380 kill eater user score type 1 kill_eater_user_score_type_1
381 kill eater user 2 kill_eater_user_2
382 kill eater user score type 2 kill_eater_user_score_type_2
383 kill eater user 3 kill_eater_user_3
384 kill eater user score type 3 kill_eater_user_score_type_3
385 strange part new counter ID strange_part_new_counter_id
386 mvm completed challenges bitmask mvm_completed_challenges_bitmask
387 rage on kill Gain Focus on kills and assists value_is_additive rage_on_kill
388 kill eater kill type kill_eater_kill_type
389 shot penetrate all players Shots go through multiple enemies value_is_additive shot_penetrate_all_players
390 headshot damage increase Headshots deal an extra +%s1% damage value_is_percentage headshot_damage_modify
391 SET BONUS: mystery solving time decrease Reduces mystery solving time by up to %s1% value_is_percentage mystery_solving_time_decrease
392 damage penalty on bodyshot %s1% damage on body shot value_is_percentage bodyshot_damage_modify
393 sniper rage DISPLAY ONLY Press 'Reload' to activate focus In Focus: +25% faster charge and no unscoping value_is_additive sniper_rage_DISPLAY_ONLY
394 fire rate bonus HIDDEN mult_postfiredelay
395 explosive sniper shot Increased headshot explosion radius and damage to nearby enemies value_is_additive explosive_sniper_shot
396 melee attack rate bonus +%s1% faster melee attack speed value_is_inverted_percentage mult_postfiredelay
397 projectile penetration heavy Bullets penetrate +%s1 enemies value_is_additive projectile_penetration
398 rage on assists Attrib_RageGainOnAssists value_is_additive rage_on_assists
399 armor piercing Increase backstab damage against Giant Robots by %s1% value_is_additive armor_piercing
400 cannot pick up intelligence Wearer cannot carry the intelligence briefcase or PASS Time JACK value_is_additive cannot_pick_up_intelligence
401 SET BONUS: chance of hunger decrease Reduces chance of hunger by up to %s1% value_is_percentage chance_of_hunger_decrease
402 cannot be backstabbed Cannot be backstabbed value_is_additive cannot_be_backstabbed
403 squad surplus claimer id DEPRECATED Squad surplus claimed by: %s1 value_is_account_id squad_surplus_claimer_account_id_DEPRECATED
404 share consumable with patient Using your Power Up Canteen will apply the same bonus effect to your heal target value_is_additive share_consumable_with_patient
405 airblast vertical vulnerability multiplier Attrib_AirBlastVerticalVulnerabilityMultipier value_is_percentage airblast_vertical_vulnerability_multiplier
406 vision opt in flags value_is_or vision_opt_in_flags
407 crit vs disguised players 100% critical hit vs disguised players value_is_or or_crit_vs_playercond
408 crit vs non burning players 100% critical hit vs non-burning players value_is_or or_crit_vs_not_playercond
409 kill forces attacker to laugh On Kill: Burst into joyous laughter value_is_additive kill_forces_attacker_to_laugh
410 damage bonus while disguised +%s1% damage bonus while disguised value_is_percentage mult_dmg_disguised
411 projectile spread angle penalty +%s1 degrees random projectile deviation value_is_additive projectile_spread_angle
412 dmg taken increased %s1% damage vulnerability on wearer value_is_percentage mult_dmgtaken
413 auto fires full clip Hold Fire to load up to three rockets Release Fire to unleash the barrage value_is_additive auto_fires_full_clip
414 self mark for death You are Marked-For-Death while active, and for short period after switching weapons value_is_additive self_mark_for_death
415 counts as assister is some kind of pet this update is going to be awesome counts_as_assister
416 mod flaregun fires pellets with knockback Flare knocks back target on hit and explodes when it hits the ground. Increased knock back on burning players value_is_additive set_weapon_mode
417 can overload Overloading the chamber will cause a misfire value_is_additive can_overload
418 boost on damage On Hit: Builds Boost Run speed increased with Boost value_is_additive boost_on_damage
419 hype resets on jump Boost reduced on air jumps value_is_additive hype_resets_on_jump
420 pyro year number Witnessed the %s1 inferno value_is_additive pyro_year_number
421 no primary ammo from dispensers while active No ammo from dispensers when active value_is_additive no_primary_ammo_from_dispensers
422 pyrovision only DISPLAY ONLY Only visible in Pyroland value_is_additive pyrovision_only_display
424 clip size penalty HIDDEN mult_clipsize
425 sapper damage bonus +%s1% sapper damage bonus value_is_percentage mult_sapper_damage
426 sapper damage penalty %s1% sapper damage penalty value_is_percentage mult_sapper_damage
427 sapper damage leaches health +%s1 health regenerated per second for each active sapper value_is_additive sapper_damage_leaches_health
428 sapper health bonus %s1% sapper health bonus value_is_percentage mult_sapper_health
429 sapper health penalty %s1% sapper health penalty value_is_percentage mult_sapper_health
430 ring of fire while aiming Creates a ring of flames while spun up value_is_additive ring_of_fire_while_aiming
431 uses ammo while aiming Consumes an additional %s1 ammo per second while spun up value_is_additive uses_ammo_while_aiming
433 sapper degenerates buildings Reverses enemy building construction value_is_additive sapper_degenerates_buildings
434 sapper damage penalty hidden mult_sapper_damage
435 cleaver description Throw at your enemies to make them bleed! Long distance hits reduce recharge time value_is_percentage desc_cleaver_description
436 ragdolls plasma effect ragdolls_plasma_effect
437 crit vs stunned players 100% critical hit vs stunned players value_is_or or_crit_vs_playercond
438 crit vs wet players 100% critical hit vs wet players value_is_or crit_vs_wet_players
439 override item level desc string override_item_level_desc_string
440 clip size upgrade atomic +%s1 clip size value_is_additive mult_clipsize_upgrade_atomic
441 auto fires full clip all at once Attrib_AutoFiresFullClipAllAtOnce value_is_additive auto_fires_full_clip_all_at_once
442 major move speed bonus value_is_percentage mult_player_movespeed
443 major increased jump height value_is_percentage mod_jump_height
444 head scale Disables double jump value_is_percentage head_scale
445 pyrovision opt in DISPLAY ONLY On Equip: Visit Pyroland value_is_or pyrovision_opt_in_display_only
446 halloweenvision opt in DISPLAY ONLY value_is_or halloweenvision_opt_in_display_only
447 halloweenvision filter DISPLAY ONLY value_is_or halloweenvision_filter_display_only
448 player skin override player_skin_override
449 never craftable never_craftable
450 zombiezombiezombiezombie zombiezombiezombiezombie
451 sapper voice pak Attrib_Sapper_Voice_Pak value_is_additive sapper_voice_pak
452 sapper voice pak idle wait Attrib_Sapper_Voice_Pak_Idle_Wait value_is_additive sapper_voice_pak_idle_wait
453 merasmus hat level display ONLY Killed Merasmus at level %s1 value_is_additive merasmus_hat_level_display_ONLY
454 strange restriction type 1 strange_restriction_type_1
455 strange restriction value 1 strange_restriction_value_1
456 strange restriction type 2 strange_restriction_type_2
457 strange restriction value 2 strange_restriction_value_2
458 strange restriction user type 1 strange_restriction_user_type_1
459 strange restriction user value 1 strange_restriction_user_value_1
460 strange restriction user type 2 strange_restriction_user_type_2
461 strange restriction user value 2 strange_restriction_user_value_2
462 strange restriction user type 3 strange_restriction_user_type_3
463 strange restriction user value 3 strange_restriction_user_value_3
464 engineer sentry build rate multiplier Sentry build speed increased by %s1% value_is_percentage sentry_build_rate_multiplier
465 engineer teleporter build rate multiplier Increases teleporter build speed by %s1% value_is_percentage teleporter_build_rate_multiplier
466 grenade launcher mortar mode Cannonballs have a fuse time of 1 second; fuses can be primed to explode earlier by holding down the fire key value_is_additive grenade_launcher_mortar_mode
467 grenade not explode on impact Cannonballs do not explode on impact value_is_additive grenade_not_explode_on_impact
468 strange score selector strange_score_selector
469 engineer building teleporting pickup Alt-Fire: Use %s1 metal to pick up your targeted building from long range value_is_additive building_teleporting_pickup
470 grenade damage reduction on world contact %s1% damage on contact with surfaces value_is_percentage grenade_damage_reduction_on_world_contact
471 engineer rage on dmg Generate building rescue energy on damage value_is_additive generate_rage_on_dmg
472 mark for death on building pickup Self mark for death when hauling buildings value_is_additive mark_for_death_on_building_pickup
473 medigun charge is resists Press your reload key to cycle through resist types. While healing, provides you and your target with a constant 10% resistance to the selected damage type. value_is_additive set_charge_type
474 arrow heals buildings Fires a special bolt that can repair friendly buildings value_is_additive arrow_heals_buildings
475 Projectile speed increased HIDDEN mult_projectile_speed
476 damage bonus HIDDEN mult_dmg
477 cannonball push back Cannonballs push players back on impact value_is_additive cannonball_push_back
478 rage giving scale rage_giving_scale
479 overheal fill rate reduced %s1% Overheal build rate value_is_percentage overheal_fill_rate
481 canteen specialist Share Canteens with your heal target +1 duration, -10 price per point (minimum cost: 5) value_is_additive canteen_specialist
482 overheal expert +25% more overheal, +50% longer duration per point value_is_additive overheal_expert
484 mad milk syringes Syringes deliver a highly concentrated dose of Mad Milk. Duration increases per hit to a max of 4 seconds. value_is_additive mad_milk_syringes
488 rocket specialist +15% rocket speed per point. On direct hits: rocket does maximum damage, stuns target, and blast radius increased +15% per point. value_is_additive rocket_specialist
489 SET BONUS: move speed set bonus +%s1% faster move speed on wearer value_is_percentage mult_player_movespeed
490 SET BONUS: health regen set bonus +%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer value_is_additive add_health_regen
491 SET BONUS: dmg taken from crit reduced set bonus +%s1% critical hit damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_crit
492 SET BONUS: dmg taken from fire reduced set bonus +%s1% fire damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_fire
493 healing mastery +25% heal rate for patient, +25% faster revive rate, and +25% self heal rate, per point value_is_additive healing_mastery
494 kill eater 3 kill_eater_3
495 kill eater score type 3 kill_eater_score_type_3
496 strange restriction type 3 strange_restriction_type_3
497 strange restriction value 3 strange_restriction_value_3
498 bot custom jump particle bot_custom_jump_particle
499 generate rage on heal Build energy by healing teammates. When fully charged, press the Special-Attack key to deploy a frontal projectile shield. value_is_additive generate_rage_on_heal
500 custom name attr custom_name_attr
501 custom desc attr custom_desc_attr
503 medigun bullet resist passive medigun_bullet_resist_passive
504 medigun blast resist passive medigun_blast_resist_passive
505 medigun fire resist passive medigun_fire_resist_passive
506 medigun bullet resist deployed medigun_bullet_resist_deployed
507 medigun blast resist deployed medigun_blast_resist_deployed
508 medigun fire resist deployed medigun_fire_resist_deployed
509 medigun crit bullet percent bar deplete medigun_crit_bullet_percent_bar_deplete
510 medigun crit blast percent bar deplete medigun_crit_blast_percent_bar_deplete
511 medigun crit fire percent bar deplete medigun_crit_fire_percent_bar_deplete
512 throwable fire speed throwable_fire_speed
513 throwable damage throwable_damage
514 throwable healing throwable_healing
515 throwable particle trail only throwable_particle_trail_only
516 SET BONUS: dmg taken from bullets increased %s1% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer value_is_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_bullets
517 SET BONUS: max health additive bonus +%s1 max health on wearer value_is_additive add_maxhealth
518 scattergun knockback mult scattergun_knockback_mult
519 particle effect vertical offset particle_effect_vertical_offset
520 particle effect use head origin particle_effect_use_head_origin
521 use large smoke explosion use_large_smoke_explosion
522 damage causes airblast value_is_additive damage_causes_airblast
524 increased jump height from weapon +%s1% greater jump height when active value_is_percentage mod_jump_height_from_weapon
525 damage force increase %s1% increase in push force taken from damage value_is_percentage damage_force_reduction
526 healing received bonus +%s1% bonus healing from all sources value_is_percentage mult_healing_received
527 afterburn immunity Immune to the effects of afterburn value_is_additive afterburn_immunity
528 decoded by itemdefindex decoded_by_itemdefindex
532 hype decays over time Hype Decays Over Time value_is_additive hype_decays_over_time
533 SET BONUS: custom taunt particle attr Extra effects when taunting value_is_additive custom_taunt_particle_attr
534 airblast vulnerability multiplier hidden airblast_vulnerability_multiplier
535 damage force increase hidden damage_force_reduction
536 damage force increase text Increase in push force taken from damage and airblast value_is_percentage damage_force_reduction
537 SET BONUS: calling card on kill Leave a Calling Card on your victims value_is_additive calling_card_on_kill
539 set throwable type set_throwable_type
540 add head on hit Attrib_AddHeadOnHit value_is_additive_percentage add_head_on_hit
542 item style override item_style_override
543 paint decal enum paint_decal_enum
544 show paint description show_paint_description
545 bot medic uber health threshold bot_medic_uber_health_threshold
546 bot medic uber deploy delay duration bot_medic_uber_deploy_delay_duration
547 single wep deploy time decreased This weapon deploys %s1% faster value_is_inverted_percentage mult_single_wep_deploy_time
548 halloween reload time decreased hwn_mult_reload_time
549 halloween fire rate bonus hwn_mult_postfiredelay
550 halloween increased jump height mod_jump_height
551 special taunt special_taunt
554 revive Revive Teammates value_is_additive revive
556 taunt attack name taunt_attack_name
557 taunt attack time taunt_attack_time
600 taunt force move forward taunt_force_move_forward
602 taunt mimic taunt_mimic
606 taunt success sound taunt_success_sound
607 taunt success sound offset taunt_success_sound_offset
608 taunt success sound loop taunt_success_sound_loop
609 taunt success sound loop offset taunt_success_sound_loop_offset
610 increased air control %s1% increased air control value_is_percentage mod_air_control
612 rocket launch impulse Attrib_RocketLaunchImpulse value_is_additive mod_rocket_launch_impulse
613 minicritboost on kill On Kill: Gain Mini-crits for %s1 seconds value_is_additive add_onkill_minicritboost_time
614 no metal from dispensers while active No metal from dispensers when active value_is_additive no_metal_from_dispensers_while_active
615 projectile entity name projectile_entity_name
616 is throwable primable value_is_additive is_throwable_primable
617 throwable detonation time value_is_additive throwable_detonation_time
618 throwable recharge time value_is_additive throwable_recharge_time
619 closerange backattack minicrits Mini-crits targets when fired at their back from close range value_is_additive closerange_backattack_minicrits
620 torso scale value_is_percentage torso_scale
621 rocketjump attackrate bonus Increased attack speed and smaller blast radius while blast jumping value_is_percentage rocketjump_attackrate_bonus
622 is throwable chargeable value_is_additive is_throwable_chargeable
630 back headshot Attrib_BackHeadshot value_is_additive back_headshot
632 rj air bombardment Fires 3 barrages while explosive jumping value_is_additive rj_air_bombardment
633 projectile particle name projectile_particle_name
634 air jump on attack air_jump_on_attack
636 sniper crit no scope Charge and fire shots independent of zoom value_is_additive sniper_crit_no_scope
637 sniper independent zoom DISPLAY ONLY Zoom does not affect charge value_is_additive sniper_independent_zoom_DISPLAY_ONLY
638 axtinguisher properties 100% critical hits burning players from behind Mini-crits burning players from the front value_is_additive axtinguisher_properties
639 full charge turn control Full turning control while charging value_is_additive charge_turn_control
640 parachute attribute parachute_attribute
641 taunt force weapon slot taunt_force_weapon_slot
642 mini rockets mini_rockets
643 rocket jump damage reduction HIDDEN rocket_jump_dmg_reduction
644 clipsize increase on kill Clip size increased on kill value_is_additive clipsize_increase_on_kill
645 breadgloves properties breadgloves_properties
646 taunt turn speed taunt_turn_speed
647 sniper fires tracer HIDDEN sniper_fires_tracer_HIDDEN
651 fire rate bonus with reduced health Fire rate increases as health decreases value_is_inverted_percentage mult_postfiredelay_with_reduced_health
661 tag__summer2014 Rewarded for participating in the 2014 Summer Adventure value_is_additive tag__summer2014
662 crate generation code crate_generation_code
669 stickybomb fizzle time Stickybombs fizzle %s1 seconds after landing value_is_additive stickybomb_fizzle_time
670 stickybomb charge rate Max charge time decreased by %s1% value_is_inverted_percentage stickybomb_charge_rate
671 grenade no bounce Grenades have very little bounce and roll value_is_additive grenade_no_bounce
674 class select override vcd class_select_override_vcd
675 custom projectile model custom_projectile_model
676 lose demo charge on damage when charging Taking damage while shield charging reduces remaining charging time value_is_additive lose_demo_charge_on_damage_when_charging
681 grenade no spin grenade_no_spin
684 grenade detonation damage penalty %s1% damage on grenades that explode on timer value_is_percentage grenade_detonation_damage_penalty
687 taunt turn acceleration time taunt_turn_acceleration_time
688 taunt move acceleration time taunt_move_acceleration
689 taunt move speed taunt_move_speed
690 shuffle crate item def min shuffle_crate_item_def_min
691 shuffle crate item def max shuffle_crate_item_def_max
692 limited quantity item limited_quantity_item
693 SET BONUS: alien isolation xeno bonus pos Increased Melee damage against Isolated Merc Set value_is_additive alien_isolation_xeno_bonus_pos
694 SET BONUS: alien isolation xeno bonus neg Increased Nostromo Napalmer damage taken from Isolated Merc Set value_is_additive alien_isolation_xeno_bonus_neg
695 SET BONUS: alien isolation merc bonus pos Increased Nostromo Napalmer damage against Isolationist Pack Set value_is_additive alien_isolation_merc_bonus_pos
696 SET BONUS: alien isolation merc bonus neg Increased Melee damage taken from Isolationist Pack Set value_is_additive alien_isolation_merc_bonus_neg
698 disable weapon switch disable_weapon_switch
699 hand scale value_is_percentage hand_scale
700 display duck leaderboard display_duck_leaderboard
701 duck rating Duck XP Level : %s1 value_is_additive duck_rating
702 duck badge level Duck Power : %s1 / 5 value_is_additive duck_badge_level
703 tag__eotlearlysupport Early Supporter of End of the Line Community Update value_is_additive tag__eotlearlysupport
704 unlimited quantity hidden unlimited_quantity
705 duckstreaks active Duckstreaks Active value_is_additive duckstreaks_active
708 panic_attack Hold fire to load up to 4 shells value_is_additive panic_attack
709 panic_attack_negative Weapon spread increases as health decreases value_is_inverted_percentage panic_attack_negative
710 auto fires full clip penalty value_is_additive auto_fires_full_clip
711 auto fires when full value_is_additive auto_fires_when_full
712 force weapon switch force_weapon_switch
719 weapon_uses_stattrak_module weapon_uses_stattrak_module
723 is_operation_pass is_operation_pass
724 weapon_stattrak_module_scale weapon_stattrak_module_scale
725 set_item_texture_wear set_item_texture_wear
726 cloak_consume_on_feign_death_activate %s1% cloak meter when Feign Death is activated value_is_percentage cloak_consume_on_feign_death_activate
727 stickybomb_charge_damage_increase Up to +%s1% damage based on charge value_is_percentage stickybomb_charge_damage_increase
728 NoCloakWhenCloaked No cloak meter from ammo boxes when invisible value_is_additive NoCloakWhenCloaked
729 ReducedCloakFromAmmo %s1% cloak meter from ammo boxes value_is_percentage ReducedCloakFromAmmo
730 elevate to unusual if applicable elevate_to_unusual_if_applicable
731 weapon_allow_inspect weapon_allow_inspect
732 metal_pickup_decreased %s1% less metal from pickups and dispensers value_is_inverted_percentage mult_metal_pickup
733 lose hype on take damage Boost reduced when hit value_is_additive lose_hype_on_take_damage
734 healing received penalty %s1% less healing from all sources value_is_percentage mult_healing_received
735 crit_vs_burning_FLARES_DISPLAY_ONLY 100% critical hit vs burning players value_is_or crit_vs_burning_FLARES_DISPLAY_ONLY
736 speed_boost_on_kill Gain a speed boost on kill value_is_additive speed_boost_on_kill
737 speed_boost_on_hit On Hit: Gain a speed boost value_is_additive speed_boost_on_hit
738 spunup_damage_resistance %s1% damage resistance when below 50% health and spun up value_is_percentage spunup_damage_resistance
739 ubercharge overheal rate penalty %s1% ÜberCharge rate on Overhealed patients value_is_percentage mult_medigun_overheal_uberchargerate
740 reduced_healing_from_medics %s1% less healing from Medic sources value_is_percentage mult_healing_from_medics
741 health on radius damage On Hit: Gain up to +%s1 health per attack value_is_additive add_health_on_radius_damage
742 style changes on strange level style_changes_on_strange_level
743 cannot restore cannot_restore
744 hide crate series number hide_crate_series_number
745 has team color paintkit Team Colored Decorated Weapon value_is_additive has_team_color_paintkit
746 cosmetic_allow_inspect cosmetic_allow_inspect
747 hat only unusual effect hat_only_unusual_effect
748 items traded in for items_traded_in_for
749 texture_wear_default texture_wear_default
750 taunt only unusual effect taunt_only_unusual_effect
751 deactive date deactive_date
752 is giger counter is_giger_counter
753 hide_strange_prefix hide_strange_prefix
754 always_transmit_so always_transmit_so
760 allow_halloween_offering allow_halloween_offering
762 cannot_transmute cannot_transmute
772 single wep holster time increased This weapon holsters %s1% slower value_is_percentage mult_switch_from_wep_deploy_time
773 single wep deploy time increased This weapon deploys %s1% slower value_is_inverted_percentage mult_single_wep_deploy_time
774 charge time decreased %s1 sec decrease in charge duration value_is_additive mod_charge_time
775 dmg penalty vs buildings %s1% damage penalty vs buildings value_is_percentage mult_dmg_vs_buildings
776 charge impact damage decreased %s1% decrease in charge impact damage value_is_percentage charge_impact_damage
777 non economy Not Tradable, Marketable, Usable in Crafting, or Gift Wrappable value_is_additive non_economy
778 charge meter on hit Melee hits refill %s1% of your charge meter value_is_additive_percentage charge_meter_on_hit
779 minicrit_boost_when_charged Secondary fire when charged grants mini-crits for %s1 seconds value_is_additive minicrit_boost_when_charged
780 minicrit_boost_charge_rate Dealing damage fills charge meter value_is_additive minicrit_boost_charge_rate
781 is_a_sword This Weapon has a large melee range and deploys and holsters slower value_is_additive is_a_sword
782 ammo gives charge Ammo boxes collected also refill your charge meter value_is_additive ammo_gives_charge
783 extinguish restores health Extinguishing teammates restores %s1 health value_is_additive extinguish_restores_health
784 extinguish reduces cooldown Extinguishing teammates reduces cooldown by %s1% value_is_percentage extinguish_reduces_cooldown
785 cannot giftwrap cannot_giftwrap
786 tool needs giftwrap tool_needs_giftwrap
787 fuse bonus %s1% fuse time on grenades value_is_percentage fuse_mult
788 move speed bonus shield required +%s1% faster move speed on wearer (shield required) value_is_percentage mult_player_movespeed_shieldrequired
789 damage bonus bullet vs sentry target %s1% increased damage to your sentry's target value_is_percentage mult_dmg_bullet_vs_sentry_target
790 mod teleporter cost %s1% metal cost when constructing or upgrading teleporters value_is_percentage mod_teleporter_cost
791 damage blast push Attrib_DamageBlastPush value_is_percentage damage_blast_push
792 move speed bonus resource level mult_player_movespeed_resource_level
793 hype on damage On Hit: Builds Hype value_is_additive hype_on_damage
794 dmg taken from fire reduced on active +%s1% fire damage resistance while deployed value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_fire_active
795 damage bonus vs burning %s1% damage bonus vs burning players value_is_percentage mult_dmg_vs_burning
796 min_viewmodel_offset min_viewmodel_offset
797 dmg pierces resists absorbs Attacks pierce damage resistance effects and bonuses value_is_additive mod_pierce_resists_absorbs
798 energy buff dmg taken multiplier energy_buff_dmg_taken_multiplier
799 lose revenge crits on death DISPLAY ONLY Revenge crits are lost on death value_is_percentage lose_revenge_crits_on_death_DISPLAY_ONLY
800 patient overheal penalty %s1% maximum overheal on wearer value_is_percentage mult_patient_overheal_penalty
801 item_meter_charge_rate item_meter_charge_rate
804 mult_spread_scale_first_shot mult_spread_scale_first_shot
805 unusualifier_attribute_template_name unusualifier_attribute_template_name
806 tool_target_item_icon_offset tool_target_item_icon_offset
807 add_head_on_kill Collect the organs of your victims value_is_additive_percentage add_head_on_kill
808 mult_spread_scales_consecutive Successive shots become less accurate value_is_additive_percentage mult_spread_scales_consecutive
809 fixed_shot_pattern Fires a wide, fixed shot pattern value_is_additive fixed_shot_pattern
810 mod_cloak_no_regen_from_items Attrib_NoCloakFromAmmo value_is_additive mod_cloak_no_regen_from_items
811 ubercharge_preserved_on_spawn_max Collect the organs of people you hit value_is_additive_percentage ubercharge_preserved_on_spawn_max
812 mod_air_control_blast_jump %s1% increased air control when blast jumping value_is_percentage mod_air_control_blast_jump
813 spunup_push_force_immunity Immune to push force from damage and airblast when spun up value_is_percentage spunup_push_force_immunity
814 mod_mark_attacker_for_death value_is_percentage mod_mark_attacker_for_death
815 use_model_cache_icon use_model_cache_icon
816 mod_disguise_consumes_cloak Normal disguises require (and consume) a full cloak meter value_is_additive mod_disguise_consumes_cloak
817 inspect_viewmodel_offset inspect_viewmodel_offset
818 is_passive_weapon is_passive_weapon
819 no_jump no_jump
820 no_duck no_duck
821 no_attack no_attack
822 airblast_destroy_projectile Attrib_AirblastDestroyProjectile value_is_additive airblast_destroy_projectile
823 airblast_pushback_disabled value_is_additive airblast_pushback_disabled
824 airblast_pushback_no_stun value_is_additive airblast_pushback_no_stun
825 airblast_pushback_no_viewpunch value_is_additive airblast_pushback_no_viewpunch
826 airblast_deflect_projectiles_disabled value_is_additive airblast_deflect_projectiles_disabled
827 airblast_put_out_teammate_disabled value_is_additive airblast_put_out_teammate_disabled
828 afterburn duration penalty value_is_percentage afterburn_duration_mult
829 afterburn duration bonus value_is_percentage afterburn_duration_mult
830 aoe_deflection value_is_additive aoe_deflection
831 mult_end_flame_size mult_end_flame_size
832 airblast_give_teammate_speed_boost value_is_additive airblast_give_teammate_speed_boost
833 airblast_turn_projectile_to_ammo value_is_additive airblast_turn_projectile_to_ammo
834 paintkit_proto_def_index value_is_additive paintkit_proto_def_index
835 taunt_attr_player_invis_percent taunt_attr_player_invis_percent
837 redirected_flame_size_mult value_is_percentage redirected_flame_size_mult
838 flame_reflect_on_collision value_is_additive flame_reflect_on_collision
839 flame_spread_degree value_is_additive flame_spread_degree
840 holster_anim_time value_is_additive holster_anim_time
841 flame_gravity flame_gravity
842 flame_ignore_player_velocity flame_ignore_player_velocity
843 flame_drag flame_drag
844 flame_speed flame_speed
845 grenades1_resupply_denied grenades1_resupply_denied
846 grenades2_resupply_denied grenades2_resupply_denied
847 grenades3_resupply_denied grenades3_resupply_denied
848 item_meter_resupply_denied Spawning and resupply do not affect the Gas meter value_is_additive item_meter_resupply_denied
851 mult_player_movespeed_active +%s1% faster move speed on wearer value_is_percentage mult_player_movespeed_active
852 mult_dmgtaken_active %s1% damage vulnerability on wearer value_is_percentage mult_dmgtaken_active
853 mult_patient_overheal_penalty_active %s1% maximum overheal on wearer value_is_percentage mult_patient_overheal_penalty_active
854 mult_health_fromhealers_penalty_active %s1% health from healers on wearer value_is_percentage mult_health_fromhealers_penalty_active
855 mod_maxhealth_drain_rate Maximum health is drained while item is active value_is_additive mod_maxhealth_drain_rate
856 item_meter_charge_type item_meter_charge_type
859 max_flame_reflection_count max_flame_reflection_count
860 flame_reflection_add_life_time flame_reflection_add_life_time
861 reflected_flame_dmg_reduction reflected_flame_dmg_reduction
862 flame_lifetime flame_lifetime
863 flame_random_life_time_offset flame_random_life_time_offset
865 flame_up_speed flame_up_speed
866 custom_paintkit_seed_lo custom_paintkit_seed_lo
867 custom_paintkit_seed_hi custom_paintkit_seed_hi
868 crit_dmg_falloff Critical damage is affected by range value_is_additive crit_dmg_falloff
869 crits_become_minicrits Minicrits whenever it would normally crit value_is_additive crits_become_minicrits
870 falling_impact_radius_pushback Push enemies back when you land (force and radius based on velocity) value_is_additive falling_impact_radius_pushback
871 falling_impact_radius_stun Stun enemies when you land value_is_additive falling_impact_radius_stun
872 thermal_thruster_air_launch thermal_thruster_air_launch
873 thermal_thruster thermal_thruster
874 mult_item_meter_charge_rate %s1% faster recharge rate value_is_inverted_percentage mult_item_meter_charge_rate
875 explode_on_ignite Ignited enemies explode value_is_additive explode_on_ignite
876 lunchbox healing decreased %s1% healing effect value_is_percentage lunchbox_healing_scale
877 speed_boost_on_hit_enemy Gain a speed boost when you hit an enemy player value_is_additive speed_boost_on_hit_enemy
878 item_meter_starts_empty_DISPLAY_ONLY Gas meter starts empty value_is_additive item_meter_starts_empty_DISPLAY_ONLY
879 item_meter_charge_type_3_DISPLAY_ONLY Gas meter builds with damage done and/or time value_is_additive item_meter_charge_type_3_DISPLAY_ONLY
880 repair health to metal ratio DISPLAY ONLY %s1-to-1 health-to-metal ratio when repairing buildings value_is_additive repair_health_to_metal_ratio_DISPLAY_ONLY
881 health drain medic %s1 health regenerated per second on wearer value_is_additive add_health_regen
1000 CARD: damage bonus +%s1% damage bonus value_is_percentage mult_dmg
1001 CARD: dmg taken from bullets reduced +%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer value_is_inverted_percentage mult_dmgtaken_from_bullets
1002 CARD: move speed bonus +%s1% faster move speed on wearer value_is_percentage mult_player_movespeed
1003 CARD: health regen +%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer value_is_additive add_health_regen
1004 SPELL: set item tint RGB %s1 value_is_from_lookup_table set_item_tint_rgb_override
1005 SPELL: set Halloween footstep type %s1 value_is_from_lookup_table halloween_footstep_type
1006 SPELL: Halloween voice modulation Voices From Below value_is_additive halloween_voice_modulation
1007 SPELL: Halloween pumpkin explosions Pumpkin Bombs value_is_additive halloween_pumpkin_explosions
1008 SPELL: Halloween green flames Halloween Fire value_is_additive halloween_green_flames
1009 SPELL: Halloween death ghosts Exorcism value_is_additive halloween_death_ghosts
1030 Attack not cancel charge attack_not_cancel_charge
2000 recipe component defined item 1 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2001 recipe component defined item 2 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2002 recipe component defined item 3 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2003 recipe component defined item 4 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2004 recipe component defined item 5 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2005 recipe component defined item 6 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2006 recipe component defined item 7 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2007 recipe component defined item 8 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2008 recipe component defined item 9 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2009 recipe component defined item 10 visuals_mvm_boss dynamic_recipe_component_defined_item
2010 start drop date value_is_date start_drop_date
2011 end drop date value_is_date end_drop_date
2012 tool target item tool_target_item
2013 killstreak effect Killstreaker: %s1 value_is_killstreakeffect_index killstreak_effect
2014 killstreak idleeffect Sheen: %s1 value_is_killstreak_idleeffect_index killstreak_idleeffect
2015 spellbook page attr id spellbook_page_attr_id
2016 Halloween Spellbook Page: Tumidum Pages of Tumidum: %s1 value_is_additive tf_halloween_spell_page
2017 Halloween Spellbook Page: Gratanter Pages of Gratanter: %s1 value_is_additive tf_halloween_spell_page
2018 Halloween Spellbook Page: Audere Pages of Audere: %s1 value_is_additive tf_halloween_spell_page
2019 Halloween Spellbook Page: Congeriae Pages of Congeriae: %s1 value_is_additive tf_halloween_spell_page
2020 Halloween Spellbook Page: Veteris Pages of Veteris: %s1 value_is_additive tf_halloween_spell_page
2021 additional halloween response criteria name additional_halloween_response_criteria_name
2022 loot rarity loot_rarity
2023 quality text override quality_text_override
2024 item name text override item_name_text_override
2025 killstreak tier Killstreaks Active value_is_additive killstreak_tier
2026 wide item level wide_item_level
2027 is australium item is_australium_item
2028 is marketable is_marketable
2029 allowed in medieval mode allowed_in_medieval_mode
2030 crit on hard hit crit_on_hard_hit
2031 series number series_number
2032 recipe no partial complete recipe_no_partial_complete
2034 kill refills meter Melee kills refill %s1% of your charge meter value_is_additive_percentage kill_refills_meter
2035 random drop line item unusual chance
2036 random drop line item unusual list
2037 random drop line item 0
2038 random drop line item 1
2039 random drop line item 2
2040 random drop line item 3
2041 taunt attach particle index ★ Unusual Effect: %s1 value_is_particle_index
2042 loot list name
2043 upgrade rate decrease %s1% slower upgrade rate value_is_inverted_percentage upgrade_rate_mod
2044 can shuffle crate contents
2045 random drop line item footer desc
2046 is commodity
2048 voice pitch scale voice_pitch_scale
2049 gunslinger punch combo Third successful punch in a row always crits value_is_additive gunslinger_punch_combo
2050 cannot delete
2051 quest loaner id low
2052 quest loaner id hi
2053 is_festivized Festivized value_is_additive is_festivized
2054 fire particle blue
2055 fire particle red
2056 fire particle blue crit
2057 fire particle red crit
2058 meter_label
2059 item_meter_damage_for_full_charge item_meter_damage_for_full_charge
2062 airblast cost scale hidden mult_airblast_cost
2063 dragons fury positive properties Deals 300% damage to burning players +50% re-pressurization rate on hit value_is_additive dragons_fury_positive_properties
2064 dragons fury negative properties -50% repressurization rate on Alt-Fire value_is_additive dragons_fury_negative_properties
2065 dragons fury neutral properties Uses a shared pressure tank for Primary Fire and Alt-Fire. Primary Fire: Launches a fast-moving projectile that briefly ignites enemies Alt-Fire: Release a blast of air that pushes enemies and projectiles, and extinguishes teammates that are on fire. value_is_additive dragons_fury_neutral_properties
2066 force center wrap
2067 attack_minicrits_and_consumes_burning Mini-crits burning targets and extinguishes them. Damage increases based on remaining duration of afterburn Killing blows on burning players grant a speed boost. value_is_additive attack_minicrits_and_consumes_burning
3000 item slot criteria 1 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3001 item in slot 1 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3002 item slot criteria 2 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3003 item in slot 2 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3004 item slot criteria 3 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3005 item in slot 3 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3006 item slot criteria 4 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3007 item in slot 4 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3008 item slot criteria 5 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3009 item in slot 5 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3010 item slot criteria 6 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3011 item in slot 6 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3012 item slot criteria 7 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3013 item in slot 7 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3014 item slot criteria 8 visuals_mvm_boss item_slot_criteria
3015 item in slot 8 visuals_mvm_boss item_in_slot
3016 quest earned standard points quest_earned_standard_points
3017 quest earned bonus points quest_earned_bonus_points
3018 item drop wave item_drop_wave